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IN 1898

August 26, 1998


On Aug. 26, 1898, the Lawrence Journal editorialized: ``The policy of annexing a lot of cannibal islands to the United States, islands whose inhabitants know no more of the objects and aims of this great republic than an inhabitant of Mars knows about a long distance telephone, is seriously doubted. If we are to `civilize' the islands, it means that we are eventually to exterminate the inhabitants. American civilizations for the Philippines means extermination for the people there as surely as the settlement of the western states meant extermination of the American Indian. The work done on this continent was justified by necessity. But is that true of the Philippines? If it is, then it is true of every nook and corner of the globe where the people are uncivilized according to our ideas, and particularly where they are too weak and helpless to defend their rights. Such is not the underlying principle of the American Union. It is consistent to give them freedom, but it is not consistent to annex them without their consent.''

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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