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August 26, 1998


From hitching posts to single-family homes, the East Lawrence neighborhood is looking for help finding a way to preserve its heritage.

If East Lawrence residents want to protect their neighborhood from future damage, Lawrence city commissioners are willing to help.

Commissioners agreed to support an application from the East Lawrence Improvement Assn. (ELIA) for a state grant that would help revitalize the neighborhood through conservation of its most important characteristics -- possibly anything from hitching posts and stone curbs to brick streets and single-family housing.

Commissioners agreed to put up as much as $15,000 toward the project, provided ELIA gets the grant, which could be for as much as $15,000.

With $30,000, ELIA leaders would hope to hire a consultant to help the neighborhood's diverse mix of residents and property owners reach consensus on a preservation plan, said Carrie Lindsey, ELIA's neighborhood coordinator.

``I don't think that this is a dead-end process. I think this is a beginning process,'' Lindsey said. ``This gives us the opportunity to be proactive ... instead of reacting when somebody wants to tear down a house.''

Early on, Commissioner Bob Moody wasn't sold on the prospect of spending up to $30,000 for a consultant that could have a difficult time wading through the political divisions that exist in East Lawrence.

``It might be worth $30,000 if we can get East Lawrence to agree

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