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August 26, 1998


To the editor:

With reference to the letter from David Burress of the ACLU, criticizing you for your lack of specificity in your comment about the ACLU, I would say that, as an old ex-lawyer, the ACLU has all the legal and moral efficacy and integrity of a Mideast kidnapping, hostage-taking, ransom-demanding and bomb-throwing terrorist organization. The ACLU has become nothing more than the domestic equivalent of a legal bully, a legal extortionist, a blackmailer in identical fashion to the product liability/plaintiff's injury lawyers who place their victims in the impossible situation of spending untold dollars in defense, or give up, pay ``ransom'' and get out.

My history as an old ex-lawyer goes back to the' 60s as a member of the city commission of Abilene, an outstanding tourist city and attraction in our state. I received a call from a law school classmate and member of the ACLU in Wichita demanding that the city remove the signs which directed tourists to the various local churches because this was an improper expenditure of public funds in contravention of the ``separation of church and state.'' I had previously thought well of the ACLU. That ended it.

From a well-founded and needed beginning several decades ago, the ACLU has become little more than another nutty, far-left-liberal, fuzzy-headed, east and west coast (Hollywood) funded and demonstrably out of the mainstream entity, the contributions to which perpetuate its arrogant, leftist and elitist existence. Never fail to keep this truism in mind: Liberals can neither get themselves and their extremist policies elected or passed into law, e.g., Mondale, McGovern, Dukakis, et. al. Rather, they choose to use the judicial system as their vehicle of oppression, forcing municipalities, schools, lower level political entities, etc. to their knees by costly lawsuits. These are the tactics of legal bullies, legal extortionists and blackmailers.

Years ago it was generally held that the tyranny and extortion of OPEC's petroleum pricing was beyond change. WRONG! History and nature prove that things which are out of balance come back to balance. As an old lawyer it is my fond hope that state legislatures will pass legislation commanding or giving discretion to courts to dismiss vexatious, harassing and nuisance lawsuits by the ACLU, and assess them the costs!

James G. Winn,

501 Lawrence Ave.

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