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August 20, 1998


Fifteen National Science Foundation officials will take part in a Kansas University conference in mid-October with the goal of sharing information that could make faculty members more competitive for grants and research administrators more efficient.

The NSF Regional Grants Conference runs from Oct. 13 to Oct. 15 in the Kansas Union on Kansas University's campus.

NSF is unique among federal agencies in streamlining the grants process, said Kim Moreland, director of the Office of Contract Negotiations and Research Compliances within the KU Center for Research Inc.

``They listen to their constituents. I don't know any other agency that would send 15 people out to the Midwest for a three-day conference,'' Moreland said. ``This is a real opportunity. Some of these folks may have an antiquated idea about what Kansas looks like.''

Moreland said she hoped to recruit 200 Midwestern faculty to attend.

The first day will feature NSF workshops in electronics and data collection, Moreland said. The computer-oriented workshops will acquaint administrators and faculty members with new methods of how to submit grants.

``The NSF representatives are going to talk to people personally,'' she said, ``in order to find out what is going on and what issues we're worried about.''

Bob Hardy, director of the NSF Division of Policy, Contracts and Oversight, will be on hand, Moreland said, as well as NSF's chief financial officer, Joe Kull.

NSF conducts two such conferences a year, but there has never been one in Kansas, Moreland said.

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