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August 15, 1998


At Kansas University, graduate programs are decentralized and generally handled by specific schools. But Andrew Debicki, dean of the graduate school, still plays a role.

Debicki, who also is dean of KU's International Programs, says a major component of his job is the review of the many independent graduate programs at the university.

Every three years, Debicki's office performs an internal review in the form of a 15-page self-study.

The process allows a coordinating board to identify programs for outside review. Debicki said the programs singled out for review were most likely going through some changes. The outside reviews are useful for providing a set of recommendations for improvement, Debicki said.

Right now, for example, Debicki said there is a special committee set up to study the mentoring of doctoral students.

``It's very important,'' Debicki said. ``Programs must work with students to give them advice and to help lead them to their future careers.''

The study will examine whether programs are too long or if they are preparing students for jobs that do not exist.

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