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August 4, 1998


A recent spate of thunderstorms has pushed year-to-date rainfall totals to normal or above-normal levels in the Lawrence area.

As of Monday, 20.19 inches had fallen at Kansas University, according to weather observer and KU student Mick McGuire. The normal for the year is 21.30 inches as of Monday, he said.

In Topeka, the total so far is 25.56 inches, about 4 inches above the normal of 21.33 inches for the year, said John Woynick, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Topeka.

In Kansas City, about 24 inches of rain has fallen so far this year, about 2 inches above the normal of 22 inches, McGuire said.

The differences in rain measurements is not unusual, McGuire and Woynick said.

Woynick said the NWS will register different readings at during the same storm at locations at Billard Airport in Topeka.

``We have differences at the rain gauges located around the airport here,'' he said. ``Within a half a mile or a mile you can have varying rainfall amounts.''

``Those hit-and-miss thunderstorms make a difference,'' McGuire said.

Woynick said a pattern of stationary fronts in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma has led to recent rains.

The forecast calls for a continued chance of rain through Thursday with highs in the 80s.

Today, there is a 20 percent chance for thunderstorms with highs in the lower 80s..

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