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August 3, 1998


Some Douglas County voters will be voting at different locations in the primary.

Douglas County Clerk Patty Jaimes doesn't want to make any predictions about the turnout for Tuesday's primary.

The county has had the lowest voter turnout in the state for the past three primaries, which prompted area legislators to hit the Farmer's Market last week to drum up support for the election.

Asked Friday how many voters she thinks this year's primary will attract, Jaimes said: ``It's really hard for me to tell. I don't feel comfortable giving a prediction, but I can say advance voting is going well.''

Advance voting broadens absentee voting in that voters no longer have to give a reason why they can't be at the polls. Residents who want to vote in advance can request an application at any time, but the county cannot mail it to them prior to 20 days before the election.

As of about noon Friday, 794 people had come to the courthouse for advance voting. The deadline is noon Monday.

Sen. Sandy Praeger and Reps. Barbara Ballard and Tom Sloan hit the streets last week, handing out applications for advance voting and encouraging people to vote in the primary.

Some Douglas County voters will be voting at different locations at the primary.

Jaimes outlined a handful of precinct changes. They are:

  • The 3rd Precinct, 7th Ward, now will vote at Prairie Commons Apartments.
  • What used to be North Baldwin has been divided into Northeast Baldwin and Northwest Baldwin. Northeast Baldwin will vote at the Baldwin Elementary School, and Northwest Baldwin will vote at the Rebekah Lodge. Sixth Street is the dividing line.
  • Allen Fieldhouse will not be open as a voting site, so people in 4-2 will vote at Schwegler School, which also serves 6-3.
  • People in 5-4 will vote at Coffin Sports Complex at Haskell Indian Nations University.
  • 8-3 will vote at the United Way building.
  • 3-4 will vote at the East Lawrence Center.

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