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April 29, 1998


To the editor:

Well, in the words of one of our former presidents, ``There you go again.''

I am referring to the article by Mark Fagan, ``Westward Growth: Lawrence pushes its limits toward Topeka,'' which ran in your ``Progress Edition'' on April 17. In that article, Mr. Fagan referred to ``property owners'' on the northwest edge of Lawrence, who are ``anxiously awaiting the reconstruction of a 1.4-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 40 from Wakarusa to the South Lawrence Trafficway -- and the hundreds of homes, envisioned office park and maybe even a mall that could follow in its wake.''

Anxious? You bet. Too bad that Mr. Fagan did not bother to interview too many of those ``property owners.'' Instead, he spent his time, as far as the reader of this article can tell, speaking only to the representatives of unnamed developers who own ``960 acres of property between Wakarusa and the South Lawrence Trafficway'' who ``are looking forward to a new road project'' to widen Sixth Street/Highway 40. Well, since Fagan then reports that the road expansion is being funded not by the property owners but instead by the citizens of Lawrence and Douglas County, as well as the state, of course they are happy. At least Fagan remembered to inform those who read through the entire article that taxpayers here will be paying $4 million of the total $6 million for this expansion. And what will we get for our money? More traffic, possibly a mall that will take business from downtown merchants and the loss of yet another piece of our agricultural heritage.

Peter C. Mancall,

847 N 1710 Rd.

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