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April 17, 1998


Rural America is a popular choice for homebuyers these days.

The population of rural America is growing.

According to a recent study by The Harvard Joint Center for Housing, more and more people are moving away from cities to build homes in suburban and rural areas.

Three-quarters of America's 2,304 rural counties are growing, with rural areas having seen a 5.1 percent population increase in the past five years.

Many ex-urbanites are turning to country living because it gives them more flexibility to choose the qualities they value most in a home or community. These homebuyers are moving to rural areas to find affordable real estate, escape crime and get better education for the kids.

At the same time, homebuyers don't have to leave behind amenities they enjoyed in the city. Urbanites accustomed to natural gas fireplaces and heaters, for example, can turn to propane gas -- an equally versatile home energy source offering comfort and cost savings:

  • By using propane gas instead of electricity, homeowners can potentially save hundreds of dollars on annual heating costs.
  • Water heaters are the second-largest energy users in most homes, and propane gas water heaters cost an average of $12 less per month to operate than comparable electric units.
  • Propane gas space or room heaters are among the most economical and efficient, operating at about half the cost of electric models.
  • Propane gas fireplaces can produce twice as much heat as wood-burning fireplaces at about a third of the cost. In contrast, wood-burning fireplaces can lose as much as 90 percent of the heat they generate through the chimney.
  • Gas ranges or stoves offer faster, more precise temperature control than electric units, which is why 97 percent of professional chefs prefer to cook with gas.
  • Propane gas dryers can save time and money. They quickly reach desired temperatures to dry clothes evenly, resulting in less wear and tear on fabrics.
  • Propane gas is an increasingly popular energy choice whether a home is custom-built, tract or manufactured. Currently, 14 million U.S. households use this efficient energy source.

For more information on propane gas, call 1-800-4LP-GAS2 or visit the National Propane Gas Assn.'s Web site at

-- By North American Precis Syndicate

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