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April 2, 1998


To the editor:

The picture on the front page of Monday's Journal World does a disservice to all responsible, ethical, reputable dog breeders. A puppy -- or a dog -- is not an impulse purchase!! Potential owners need to research the type of dog that is right for their needs and situation. A puppy may not always be the correct choice.

A responsible breeder finds homes for puppies BEFORE they are born -- at 7 weeks does not state that they "need to find homes" for their puppies. A responsible breeder knows the medical history of several generations of both parents and can share that information with prospective owners. A responsible breeder has spent hundreds of dollars BEFORE breeding the parents, on such things as eye tests, hip X-rays, thyroid tests, etc.

A responsible breeder sells the puppies/dogs ONLY on written contract, to approved homes, with a spay/neuter clause. A responsible breeder will ALWAYS take back a dog it has placed so that dog does not end up in a shelter.

Dog ownership is a serious undertaking and the public needs help in making that decision, not a cute picture appealing to their emotions which creates an impulse decision. If you want a cute picture of puppies that deserve homes, come visit me. I have rescued puppies available for adoption. And adult dogs, too. Please, don't be so quick to print "cute" pictures without knowing the ramifications of your actions. I expect equal time for responsible dog ownership!!!

Kris Fancher,


Overloaded system

To the editor:

Sunday's editorial, ``Busy buses,'' is correct that the van services have problems, but please remember that they are paratransit systems, meant to complement a comprehensive citywide transit system. As many as a third of the riders on our overburdened paratransit system would be happy to take regular buses if we had them.

The coordination that DCCTCC has achieved so far is truly remarkable. But they cannot be expected to serve all the transit needs of the whole city.

Mary Michener,

1706 W. Second.

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