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September 30, 1997


Employees in the Douglas County Community Corrections Department won't be evaluated this year, but they will get a merit award for their work.

Douglas County commissioners agreed Monday to a request by Pam Weigand, interim Community Corrections director, to waive staff performance evaluations for this year.

"Some will be getting more than they should and others will get less," Weigand said.

A proposed merger of the Community Corrections and Juvenile Detention Center administrations supported by Weigand failed earlier this month. Shortly afterward, Weigand said she began hearing concerns that the merit award would not be administered fairly.

If the merger had been approved by county commissioners, Weigand would have become the director of both departments.

"There was a feeling that I would be retaliating against people because I did not get the job," Weigand said. "I felt this (request) was a good solution to that. It's fair."

County office directors use the evaluations to assign merit pay to their employees based on the director's evaluation, said Pam Madl, the county's director of administrative services. Employees who have been with an office for at least one year qualify for the bonus.

A flat 2.5 percent is budgeted for each department at the beginning of the year to cover the awards, which can range from 0 to 4 percent.

Instead of evaluations, some departments, such as the sheriff's office, chose to divide the 2.5 percent among employees who qualify, Madl said.

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