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November 27, 1997


This "Chinese Poetry" was written by students in Joy Clumsky's creative writing class at Lawrence High School.

Chinese poetry deals with the present, is blatantly open and honest, sees life as the teacher, is contemplative and thoughtful and deals with daily relationships.

It Continues

It happens again. I get thrown another curve,

Leaving, moving on once more,

However the stars still twinkle; the sky still rains;

And there is still enough oxygen to breathe.

In a lonely room, me and my four walls

Will watch the sun come up tomorrow.

-- By Eric Marx

A Tease

As I step onto my porch,

The Spring air smells

Of coming rain.

I am briefly blinded

By the darkness.

Yet, the clanging wind chimes

Warn me

Of storms brewing in the sky above.

My life is that sky--

Completely cloud-covered

Except for a tiny clearing.

It is that clearing

Through which I can see

That single, shining star.

It is that little ounce of hope

That makes me think

Maybe, just maybe

The rain might not pour today.

-- By Briea Alden

Drifting Thoughts

Alone I lie

In a field of golden wheat.

Raindrops of wisdom

Descend on my face;

Intimate secrets

Promenade through my mind.

Guilt, like lead,

Settles down in my soul.

My past is unforgiven.

My heart is behind hidden doors,

Bolted and boarded

With angels knocking,

Knocking to come inside.

A cool September breeze

Tickles my skin.

Smiling, I release my burdens

To the spirits above.

Alone I lie

In a field of golden wheat.

-- By Sarah Mohr

Day of Rejoicing

I pluck a daisy

And press it to his full lips

As butterflies swirl around us.

Leaves flutter high in trees

As we slip into the clear water.

It splashes gently around us,

The chill nibbling our skin.

The rocks slide below our toes

As the sun slants down upon us

To ornament our shining skin,

And bless our love.

-- By Kate Gill

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