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November 16, 1997


J. Stewart wants to build 15 homes on 92 acres of wooded area northwest of town, and planning commissioners will review his plans Wednesday night.

Stewart is looking to develop 92.7 acres at the northwest corner of Queen's and North 1750 roads, an area south of the Kansas Turnpike and two miles north of U.S. Highway 40. Stewart is president of Charter Equities Inc., which owns the land.

He's asking planning commissioners to support two things:

  • Rezoning the property from agricultural to suburban-home residential uses.
  • A "community unit plan" for the project, known as Oak Ridge Estates. The plan would include 14 lots, ranging from 5 to 7.1 acres in size, that would be accessed by private roads to help preserve the area's wooded character. One lot would be used for a maintenance area and caretaker's quarters.

planning background

Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission background for Nov. 19, 1997 meeting

If approved, the plan would be the first such "community unit development" in the county. The law has been on the books since 1966.

Sandra Day, a city-county planner, recommends approving the rezoning and the unit plan. The property is located adjacent to the "suburban growth area" included in the Douglas County Guide Plan, she said, and therefore is part of the "rural growth area."

Day said the project would be appropriate for the county, despite being located in the fourth phase of the Lawrence's urban growth area as outlined in Horizon 2020.

"It is a little bit of leapfrogging," Day said. "It's kind of a timing issue."

Day said the lots likely would be developed as large, estate-style houses with relatively direct access to the South Lawrence Trafficway. The trafficway is less than a mile west of the proposed residential development.

Other business

Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission business for Nov. 19, 1997 meeting

  • Approve a final plat for Overland Addition, a 74-lot single-family residential area, plus two more lots for mixed-use and multifamily development, covering 46.6 acres north of Overland Drive and west of Folks Road, northeast of Free State High School. Requested by Northland Ventures, which owns the property.
  • Approve a final plat for Kanwaka Meadows Subdivision, an eight-lot county residential area covering 40 acres south of U.S. Highway 40, along the west side of County Route 1029. Requested by Dwight and Caroline Jackson, who own the property.
  • Approve a final plat for XCALAK Industrial Park No. 1, a one-lot industrial area covering 5.7 acres bounded by the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and Center, Lyon and North Ninth streets in North Lawrence. Requested by XCALAK Cattle Co. and Flamingo Enterprises Inc., who own the property.
  • Approve a preliminary plat for Longleaf, a 62-lot residential subdivision covering 24 acres along the north side of 15th Street, between George Williams Drive and Bobwhite Drive. Requested by Alvamar Inc., which owns the property.
  • Approve a final development plan for the fourth phase of the Westgate Planned Commercial Development, located one-eighth of a mile east of Wakarusa Drive, between Sixth Street and Westgate Apartments. The phase calls for development of two office buildings, each covering 19,000 square feet. Requested by Westgate L.C., which owns the property.
  • Consider a request to rezone 0.7 acre from agricultural to residence-office uses northeast of the South Lawrence Trafficway. The property, known as Wakarusa View Estates, is about 800 feet southeast of the trafficway's intersection with Wakarusa Drive.
  • Consider a request to rezone 6 acres from agricultural to light-industrial uses along the south side of Kansas Highway 10, between an LRM asphalt plant and Lawrence Truck Salvage. The property is located across K-10 from the East Hills Business Park. Requested by Howard and Fredonna Smith, who own the property.
  • Consider a request to rezone apartments at 910 W. 24th from multifamily to residence-office uses. The property covers about 12,600 square feet, and would join property at the northwest corner of 24th and Alabama streets as a complex of office suites. Requested by Laura and John R. Chaney II, who own both properties.
  • Review and approve the Unified Work Program, which describes short- and long-term transportation planning activities for the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Office for 1998.
  • Consider making text amendments to the joint city-county subdivision regulations. The changes: building envelopes would be required on plats, minimum frontage would be required along cul-de-sacs, and drainage and utility easements would have to be separated.

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