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November 16, 1997


City officials are ready to move ahead with plans for three "big ticket" drainage-improvement projects, which would not be built for at least another three years.

Commissioners are expected to approve the proposed hirings of two consulting companies to draw up plans for the projects:

  • Evans, Bierly, Hutchison would get $29,925 to draw up designs for two projects: 29th Court and Ridge Court.
  • BG Consultants would get $34,904 to draw up plans on Ninth Street, between Vermont and New Hampshire streets.

The projects are anticipated for construction sometime during the next three to five years, depending on when enough money becomes available, said Chad Voigt, the city's stormwater engineer.

The projects are needed to clear up flooding of the street, lots and even one house along 29th Court, and flooding of the street and one house on Ridge Court, as cited in the city's Stormwater Master Plan. The project on Ninth should clear up flooding in commercial structures and the street.

city background

Lawrence City Commission background for Nov. 18, 1997 meeting

The 29th Court project is estimated to cost $148,000, and Ridge Court should cost $110,000, as cited in the city's Stormwater Master Plan. The Ninth Street project is expected to run about $137,000.

The projects are all included in the first phase of capital improvement projects to be financed by the city's stormwater utility. The utility collects money from water and sewer customers in town.

The revenues then finance maintenance of the city's drainage system, plus the design and construction of drainage lines needed to clear up current flooding problems.

Typical homeowners pay $2 a month in drainage fees, while apartment residents pay less and owners of larger properties -- such as offices, businesses, churches and schools -- pay more, depending on how much property they cover with impervious surfaces.

Projects already are under way along Carolina and Michigan streets, with construction expected to continue into next year. The projects to be approved Tuesday are the next step.

Other business

Lawrence City Commission business for Nov. 18, 1997 meeting

  • Set a 2 p.m. Nov. 24 deadline for bids to handle installation of a wood fence at the city's HAND Addition housing development, at 24th Street and Haskell Avenue.
  • Agree to buy "speiwak jackets" for the police department. The city would pay J.B. Battle Uniform Co. $24,013 for the jackets. Proposals from two other companies would have cost the city less money, but the jackets either did not meet the department's specifications or the company lacked the proper license to sell the jackets to the department, said David Corliss, the city's director of legal services.
  • Approve an ordinance, on first reading, to amend the city code to require the Aviation Advisory Board to meet at least four times a year, instead of the current minimum of 12 times a year.
  • Agree to hire Landplan Engineering, for $22,802, to handle construction observation services for an upcoming landscaping project along North Second Street. The city would pay 20 percent of the cost, while the Kansas Department of Transportation would pick up the tab for the rest. The entire project -- to add brick pavers and planting along both sides of the street -- is expected to cost less than $400,000.
  • Approve a resolution to order the "advisable" paving and reconstruction of East 25th Street, near the new Douglas County Jail.
  • Approve a resolution declaring 724 Conn. "environmentally blighted," and give the property owner 20 days to clean up the mess.
  • Consider declaring 832 Conn. as either an abandoned structure or an unsafe and dangerous structure. If deemed abandoned, a nonprofit organization such as the Lawrence Preservation Alliance could ask for permission from a judge to renovate the structure for low-income housing purposes. If deemed unsafe and dangerous, the city could order its repair or demolition within 30 days. Jim Marshall has announced plans, along with Percy Kaiser, to rehabilitate the structure by late spring or early summer. Kaiser apparently has power of attorney over the structure, which has not been lawfully occupied for several years.
  • Conduct a six-month review of the commission's goals.

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