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November 12, 1997


Why are there no sidewalks on Sixth Street or Iowa Street near the new Highpointe development? I thought all new developments had to put in sidewalks for the public.

The apartment project's developer, Doug Compton, is responsible for installing sidewalks on the south side of Sixth Street, alongside his Highpointe complex, said George Williams, the city's public works director. But the work isn't quite ready to roll.

"There are power poles right at the back of the curb, then there's a drainage ditch," Williams said. "There's difficulties in building that sidewalk. We haven't come to terms with where it's going to be, but it will be built."

Sidewalks also must be installed adjacent to the complex along Seventh Street, Williams said, and those already are moving toward completion.

Compton is not required to put sidewalks in along Iowa Street, Williams said, because that property is owned by the Kansas Turnpike Authority.

Besides, Williams said, "we can't come up with a good place to put sidewalks in there. There's just not enough room."

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