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November 12, 1997


* Katzfey Construction Company Inc. to Clifton B. and Janet L. Churchill -- 2012 Green Brier Dr.

  • Harry D. and Mary G. Workman to Max L. Dougherty and Florence J. Campbell -- 2717 Harper.
  • Qingli Wan and Quig Chun Zhang to Harry D. and Mary G. Workman -- 3901 Kimos Cir.
  • Jep H. Bennett to Wen Chin Peng and Mei Hwa Peng -- 4036 Overland Dr.
  • John W. and Sheryl Ragland to Duane L. and Romona Jean Stohs -- 2920 Prairie Ct.
  • Duane and Anna Brooks to Arensberg Investments, L.C. -- 1406 E. 25th Terr.
  • Atlantis Construction Corporation to Randy Williamson -- 5103 Congressional Pl.
  • James M. and Susan Kathleen Coffman to Gary Charles and Debra Ann Heath -- 819 Maple.
  • Keystone Homes Inc. to Marlyn J. and Laurie A. Ziegler -- 1717 Charise Ct.
  • Velmer D. Chipps to Jimmy T.C. and Jennifer Lynn Wold -- 2337 Atchison Ave.
  • Hand Construction Corporation to Michael G. and Ginger McHugh -- 1029 Home Cir.
  • Brad Lee and Alison Michele Ogden to Karlton M. and Carol A. Pittman -- 317 Stockade.
  • Richard W. and Michelle Cormier to Wayne R. and Julie A. Oltjen -- 813 Easy St.
  • Gregory E. and Jennifer L. Bethel to Bret A. Meuffel and Amy M. Lee -- 910 Cedar Ct., Eudora.
  • Norman Wayne and Suzanne Elaine Patterson to McGrew Real Estate Inc. -- 1901 Golden Rain Dr.
  • William D. and Robin M. Folks to William D. Starr -- 611 Oak, Eudora.
  • Vicki B. Louvier to Mary M. Joslin -- 502 Boulder.
  • International Development Associates Inc. to Land Star Development, L.C. -- Vacant lots on Bluestem Drive and Sandusky Drive.
  • Dennis H. and Peggy J. Stockton to Julie Lee Mulvihill -- 527 Lake St.
  • Laura L. Carey and Andrew Patrick Carey to Jean A. Edmonds -- 3806 Elizabeth Ct.
  • Richard A. and Ruth A. Meisinger to City of Lawrence -- 2128 Harper.
  • Gail E. Kasson and Judith L. Yates-Kasson to Mark R. and Mary Lisa Joslyn -- 3016 Sagebrush Dr.
  • Mark K. and Julie L. Hoffmann to Brad L. and M. Ogden -- 4108 Harvard Rd.
  • Harrison F. Johnson Jr. to Duane and Anna Brooks -- 811 Arizona Ct.
  • Wayne C. and Marcia J. Dickerson to Ellen and Dale M. Johnson -- 1905 W. Third Terr.
  • Roger L. and Deanna Halverstadt to Norman W. and Suzanne E. Patterson -- 1349 N. 1770 Rd.
  • Norman A. and Cathy A. St. Laurent to Jacob A. Kozlowski -- 901 Mich., No. 2.
  • Lanny R. Tate, executor of Eda Marie Tate Estate, to Jason E. and Demetria A. Robb -- 2119 Melholland Rd.
  • Stephens Real Estate Inc. to Wayne C. and Marcia J. Dickerson -- 905 Mo.
  • H. Cameron and Shawna J. Robinson to Jameason D. and Kelly J. Kapelle -- 671 E. 1250 Rd.
  • Jo Ann Bortner and Julie A. Bortner to Scott W. Jackson -- 1307 Conn.
  • Haydn and Mary Jones to Donald N. and Cheryl Hoegler Gish -- Vacant lots on East 22nd. St.
  • Morene F. Beth, trustee, to Chad and Julie Glazer -- 1720 W. 21st St.
  • Alvamar Inc. to Ben A. and Stella Jean Barteldes -- Vacant lot on Congressional Circle.
  • Michael C. and Lori Barnard to Kenneth J. Himes -- 2428 Ark.
  • Big Blue Investment Company to William E. and Mary Beth Swenson -- 2400 W. 31st St.
  • Corbet and M. Jean Collins to Colonial Colony, L.L.C. -- 1304 R.I., No. 1 & 2.
  • Don's Steak House Inc. to Gary L. Bartz -- 2176 E. 23rd St.
  • Chad and Julie Glazer and Walter and Sue Schneider to Ching C. Sung Kuan -- 1409 and 1411 Haskell Ave.
  • Michael D. and Sandra S. Westerhouse to S.J.C. Inc. -- Vacant lots on East 20th St.
  • John H. Hill II and Debra Lee Wastell-Hill to David I. Nelson -- 1613 Kasold Dr.
  • KCJC Partners to Gazebo, L.C. -- 2434 W. 24th Terr., Nos. A-F.
  • James H. Edwards, trustee, to Abfield Investments -- 1801 Maine.
  • Jim B. Norvell to Patrick Iskak and Dewi Sunarya -- 5204 Fox Chase Dr.
  • Garber Enterprises Inc. to Bradley Luke and Jennifer R. Remington -- 4433 W. 24th Pl.
  • Thomas Scott and Jan I. Dean to Dany J. and Joni Marie Randel -- 1861 N. 1000 Rd.

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