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November 9, 1997


Treats and toys will put your pet in the holiday spirit.

Mom, dad, the neighbors, the paperboy.

Thought you had your holiday gift list checked twice? Think again. You may have overlooked an important friend -- your cat or dog.

This holiday season, Lawrence shops and merchants offer a variety of gift ideas for pets and their owners.

``It's more for me than for my cat, Idgy,'' said Josh Swanson, Lawrence resident and cat owner. ``One year I gave him a fancy litter box with a roof.''

You can spend a little or a lot of time and money purchasing toys and edible treats for Sparky and Snowball this season.

For dogs with a sweet tooth, visit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Lawrence Riverfront Factory Outlets. The shop offers a ``Doggy Sale'' of white chocolate-dipped dog bones.

Megan Hill, an employee at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, said the bones taste so good that even humans like the flavor.

She brought some bones home to her two dogs, Sally, 7, and Ruckus, 3, and her younger brother, Zach, mistakenly ate a few.

``He absolutely loved them and thought they were good!'' Hill said.

The bones are safe for dogs because the cocoa does not contain caffeine, Hill said. The bones have a shelf life of six months so dogs can enjoy them until summer.

Shoppers can pick up 2-inch-long bones for 30 cents or 4-inch bones for about $1. Or you can give man's best friend a ``Barker's Dozen,'' which contains 12 small bones for $4.25 and comes pre-wrapped in colorful cellophane and a bow.

Cookies and chocolates for canine friends are becoming big business, said Jill Rhody of Lawrence, who bakes and markets her own line of dog treats.

``I began taking my homemade dog chocolate chip cookies to craft shows with my parents a few years ago,'' Rhody said. ``Now I've grown into a small business based out of the oven in my apartment.''

She said that her golden retriever, Marcus, gets a couple of cookies a day while practicing tricks.

Rhody uses animal-safe products in the cookies and treats she sells to a store in Kansas City and to family and friends. She says she hopes to be taking orders in Lawrence before the holidays and intends to advertise in newspapers and fliers.

For cats and tabby lovers, Pet World, 711 W. 23rd, offers everything from the conventional fake mice and balls to elaborate scratching posts. The posts provide exercise and entertainment for felines and save an owner's furniture.

Owners of cats with attitudes may pick up some minty fun with 100 percent catnip bags. Each comes with an attached refillable toy for $6.99.

Pet World employee Laurel Woods said that during December the store offers assorted baskets filled with toys, brushes, shampoo and food.

Some cats love receiving gifts so much they play Kris Kringle to their owner, said John Bennish, local cat owner.

``Each year my cat, Footloose, gives me a case of beer.'' Bennish said.

So this holiday season, don't forget the one who provides love and fun all year -- your pet.

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