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November 9, 1997


These photo tips will help you create holiday memories.

Your holiday season may be closer to picture perfect if you heed these hints on taking great photos you'll enjoy throughout the new year to come.

  • Keep your camera loaded and by your side. Most pictures are missed because the photographer had to load film or just wasn't ready. An extra set of batteries will also prove useful.
  • Include family or friends when shooting the Christmas tree or dinner table. Pictures take on a new significance when they have subjects you can identify with and enjoy remembering.
  • Avoid the "red-eye" phenomenon. Red-eye occurs when the bright light of the flash enters the subject's pupil, bounces off the eye's retina and reflects back into the camera lens. Babies, people with light eyes, pets and "holiday revelers" (alcohol decreases the pupil's reaction to a flash) are most susceptible to red-eye.

Increasing the available light will help contract the pupils of your subjects' eyes, which makes it harder for the flash's light to enter, or it may eliminate the need for a flash altogether. Another option is to use a faster-speed film, such as ISO 400 or higher. Some easy-to-use, technologically advanced cameras -- such as the Olympus IS-10, Superzoom 2800 and Stylus Zoom -- can help due to their patented red-eye reduction strobe pre-flash.

  • Take advantage of the flash. Many cameras today offer fill-in flash to reduce or eliminate unwanted shadows, or night-scene flash which automatically signals the camera to select a slow shutter speed that will preserve background elements in a nighttime photo. Night-scene flash is perfect for capturing the kids in front of the Christmas tree or a dramatic city skyline.
  • Enjoy advances in photography. Cameras such as the Olympus Superzoom 2800, Stylus Zoom and the IS-10 offer a wealth of innovative features such as built-in zoom and auto-everything ease that put otherwise-difficult shots into the range of even an amateur. They make great gifts for any shutterbug on your holiday shopping list -- maybe even yourself. For more tips and information, call Olympus at 1-800-221-3000.

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