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May 31, 1997


Following are budget reallocations recommended to the Lawrence school board by the district's budget committee. These are included in the eighth draft that the committee has devised of budget cuts.

Athletics and Activities

Eliminate the budget allocation for 52 days-pool supervisor -- to be reimbursed from usage charges. -- $10,561

Reduce the budget allocation for 1/3 of pool supervisor contract -- to be reimbursed from usage charges. -- $11,000

Eliminate football coaches extra days for summer work. -- $13,444

Eliminate seventh-grade athletic coordinator and add .04 time to athletic coordinators' current assignment for the responsibilities of coordinating seventh-grade athletics. -- $1,804

Eliminate two head swim coaches and increase the remaining two head coach positions 2 percent. One boys head coach would coach at both LHS and Free State. One girls head coach would coach at both LHS and Free State. -- $7,200

Eliminate two additional assignments for after-school weight training. Two positions would remain: one at LHS and one at Free State. -- $4,504

Equalize allocations for club funds at both high schools allowing the same number of clubs at both high schools; eliminate Teachers of Tomorrow at both schools. -- $3,374.

Partial cut of a high school intramural position -- .03 position at each high school. This would eliminate one program, at the administration's choice. -- $1,352

Eliminate additional intramural positions (1.5 positions). -- $2,023

Eliminate Leader and Teachers of Tomorrow at junior highs. -- $5,410

Eliminate an assistant in both boys and girls tennis, leaving one head boys tennis coach and one head girls tennis coach. -- $4,504

Cuts: $65,176, representing 6.47 percent of a $1,007,095 budget.

At Risk Programs

Parents as Teachers reduction of services -- $25,000.

Cuts: $25,000, representing 2.87 percent of a $870,272 budget.

Buildings and Grounds, and Custodial Services

No rent on 201 Perry (room available now at LHS annex). -- $25,000

Reduce outside contracted services, including ServiceMaster, landscaping services, fire sprinkler inspections, boiler inspections, alarm system monitoring, chemical disposal, services for septic lagoons, some outside contracting of services for repairs and maintenance. -- $51,942

Team cleaning at the secondary schools. Reduce .5 position at each junior high school and one position at each high school. This would require trying team cleaning, and some areas may get cleaned every other day. -- $77,136

Cuts: $154,078, representing 4.27 percent of $3,611,229 budget.

Total cuts this year and next: 9.27 percent or $334,330

Business Services

Printing and binding, business department. Allows only for bare essentials. -- $500

Printing and binding, warehousing and distribution. Allows only for bare essentials. -- $400

Supplies and materials, warehousing and distribution. Allows only for the bare essentials. -- $400

Equipment lease rental. Allows only for the bare essentials. -- $1,000

Supplies and materials, general administration. Instead of having a general budget line that includes all departments at the service center, each department will be charged directly for supplies and materials used. The only items charged to a general line will be paper, stationery, envelopes used by the Service Center as a whole. -- $5,000

Supplies and materials, printing department. This budget represents paper and toner used by the district for printing done at the central print shop. Printing jobs sent to the print shop will be billed back to the site or department that submitted the job. -- $19,448

Cuts: $26,748, representing 4.57 percent of a $584,964 budget.

Total cuts this year and next: 9.57 percent, or $59,109

Elementary Instruction

Budget: $9,375,769. No cuts.

Fine Arts, Music and Elementary PE

Contracted Matching Grant -- This was a cut in the prior budget year but was added back to help fund the matching grant for the Wildcat mural at Free State, which is complete. -- $8,000

Matching Grant -- This cut would eliminate matching funds provided by the Kansas Arts Commission Grant programs, such as Seem-To-Be-Players performances and creative drama workshops and performances by KU dance department staff members for elementary and secondary schools. -- $7,000

Equipment -- move budget to Capital Outlay Fund. -- $3,000

Supplies and Materials, 50 percent reduction in funds for audio and video tapes, film, supplies and materials for special projects in the arts, for workshops and partnership activities. -- $500

Growth In Future Talent, an 80 percent reduction in programs to promote growth and development opportunities for disadvantaged students in art, music and theater. -- $2,000

Books and periodicals, an 80 percent reduction in funds for resource materials used by fine arts teachers. -- $2,000

Cuts: $22,500, representing .92 percent of a $2,441,077 budget.


Reduce budget allocation for reimbursed expenses from the Kaw Valley Inservice Council. -- $33,000

Eliminate building rent from the communications budget, which has not been used in several years. -- $100

Reduce telephone for INK services, which is no longer used. -- $1,500

Reduce books and periodicals budget in the communications department. -- $500

Reduce staff relations/negotiations budget, which was used to help with staff development in the area of negotiations. -- $500

Reorganize communications department, which would eliminate the coordinator's position but provide funds for additional duties to be picked up by other personnel. -- $20,000

Eliminate in-district travel budget for communications department. -- $150

Eliminate the out-of-district travel for communications department. -- $700

A 50 percent reduction in supplies and materials for communications department. -- $3,000

Cuts: $59,950, representing 3.94 percent of a $1,522,877 budget.

Total cuts this year and next: 8.94 percent cut or $131,648

High School Instruction

Reduce commencement budget for high schools. -- $457

Remove 30 of 85 additional days for vocational and distributive education staff. Teachers use this time to develop contacts for work-study programs, job placement of students and other related activities. -- $5,417

Equipment budget for vocational education-move to capital outlay fund. -- $50,000

Use paraprofessionals, instead of teachers, to staff study halls. -- $16,500 (net cut)

Cuts: $72,374, representing 1.38 percent of a $5,250,698 budget.

Instructional Media

Eliminate staff development budget for classified staff. -- $50

Reduce the librarian at Centennial to half-time, because of a decrease in enrollment predicted for next year. It is necessary to increase the library media assistant's time to ensure the library is staffed at all times. Because of enrollment changes, increase media assistant hours at Pinckney and Wakarusa. -- $14,437 (net cut)

Eliminate the five summer reading programs at elementary schools. -- $1,000

Reduce library media supplies for central processing and library media. -- $1,400

Reduce the books and periodicals for the library media department. -- $600

Cuts: $17,487, representing 1.7 percent of a $1,029,714 budget.

Curriculum and Instructional Services

Reduce science clerk by 20 days. -- $1,470

Reduce science coordinator 20 days. -- $4,062

Eliminate the MECC software subscription at the elementary level. Buildings that use this software will have to buy it from their building budget. -- $4,000

Eliminate Exchange City/Minds to Market. Schools would have to drop this program or seek funding elsewhere. -- $4,000

Eliminate Instructional TV at the secondary level. This would eliminate the instructional TV video taping subscription. -- $8,250

Reduce stipends for scoring tests. Staff would be responsible for some scoring. -- $2,000

Reduce coordinator extra days and/or require coordinators to substitute a certain number of days during the school year (five to 10 days). -- $5,000

Cuts: $28,782, representing 2.78 percent of a $1,036,932 budget.

Total cuts this year and next: 7.78 percent or $74,718 in cuts

Junior High Instruction

Reduce the World of Work subsidy by 25 percent. This subsidy is used to help purchase supplies and materials used in hands-on instruction. Some classes affected are Home and Self Development, Technology, Materials and Processes, World of Manufacturing, Foods and Sewing. -- $4,400

Cuts: $4,400, representing .07 percent of a $5,869,971 budget.

Site Management

Eliminate responsibility factor for a "lead" teacher at Grant School. -- $2,669

Cuts: $2,669, representing .07 percent of a $3,611,362 budget.

Special Education

Special education fund will make $40,500 in budget reductions. As a result, the general fund will not have to increase or decrease the special education transfer that helps fund the special education fund. Cuts include:

Clerical time -- $13,500

Minor changes in transportation -- $10,000

Reduction in summer school -- $3,500

Contracted services, which was not being used -- $10,000

Medical supplies, which will be picked up from Medicaid reimbursement money -- $1,000

In-service, which will be picked up from Medicaid reimbursement money -- $2,500

Budget: $2,908,000. No cuts in general fund transfer.

Total cuts this year and next: 3 percent cut, or $64,500

Student Services

Reduce high school secretary for nurses. LHS currently has a three-quarters time secretary. This would make a half-time secretary at each high school's clinic. -- $8,200

Reduce guidance supplies and materials. -- $4,236

Eliminate the contracted service budget for dental services to students who cannot afford services or if there is an emergency need. -- $3,000

Cuts: $15,436, representing 1.6 percent of a $962,651 budget


Reduce part-time data entry. -- $1,233

Slight reduction in classified overtime. -- $178

Reduce contracted services for data processing. -- $1,000

Eliminate budget for rental or lease of equipment, which hasn't been used. -- $500

Slight reduction in supplies and materials for data processing. -- $500

Slight reduction in software for data processing. -- $500

Data processing equipment -- move to the capital outlay fund. -- $2,000

Cuts: $5,911, representing 1.26 percent in a $468,578 total budget.

Total cuts this year and next: 6.26 percent, or $30,573


Total Budget: $1,447,400. No cuts.

Total cuts this year and next: 7 percent, or $77,000


Set thermostats 2 degrees higher during cooling season and 2 degrees lower during heating season, consolidate summer school/summer programs and change set points in schools not used. Continued monitoring and regulating thermostats. With utilities there are no guarantees and the weather doesn't always cooperate. -- $30,000

Reduction in the estimated budget need for water run-off assessment. -- $60,000

Cuts: $90,000, representing 5.03 percent of a $1,788,500 budget

GRAND TOTAL -- $590,511

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