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May 25, 1997


* Approve a preliminary plat for Fantini Acres, a two-lot residential area covering 7.1 acres northeast of the intersection of N. 1550 and E. 660 roads.

  • Approve a preliminary plat for Kanwaka Meadows Subdivision, a 22-lot residential area covering 80 acres south of U.S. 40, on the west side of Douglas County Route 1029. A request to rezone the property from agricultural to suburban-home-residential uses also is scheduled to be considered later in the meeting.
  • Approve a final plat for Skie Subdivision No. 5, a two-lot area covering 20,099 square feet at the southeast corner of West 27th Street and Crestline Drive. The property, a vacant lot zoned for multifamily residential uses, would be split into two separate lots, to eliminate building setback lines.
  • Approve a final plat for Space Saver Addition, a one-lot planned commercial development covering 2.7 acres along the south side of West Sixth Street, about 285 feet east of Comet Lane. The area would include location of ministorage units.
  • Approve a final plat for Habitat Neighborhood Addition No. 3, a seven-lot residential area covering 1.7 acres along the south side of LaSalle Street, east of Bullene Avenue. A rezoning request for the property -- to go from planned residential uses to single-family residential uses -- is scheduled for consideration later in the meeting.
  • Approve a revised final development plan for phase one of Stoney Point PCD, to be located at the southwest corner of Clinton Parkway and Wakarusa Drive. Here's the plan for phase one: 3,820 square feet for a Miller Mart convenience store, and 10,420 square feet for office space.
  • Approve a final development plan for phase two of Colonial Place PRD, to be located on 1.9 acres along the east side of Congressional Drive, about 570 feet north of Harvard Road. The plan for phase two: seven duplexes, which means 14 residential units.
  • Approve a preliminary plat for Fairview Estates, a 21-lot residential subdivision covering 77.4 acres south of N. 1100 Road (also known as Leary Road) and west of E. 1500 Road (also known as Douglas County Road 1055).
  • Conduct a reception for outgoing members of the commission.
  • Consider the preliminary Capital Improvements Plan for 1998-2003. The matter was deferred from the commission's April 23 meeting.
  • Consider a request for a conditional use permit to operate a restaurant -- with cereal malt beverage sales -- at the Lone Star Lake Marina, which would be expanded. The marina is west of the lake's swimming beach.

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