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May 24, 1997


Now is the time for Roy Williams to relax a bit before recruiting dominates his life in July.

"I've always said May is my favorite month, a time I can do things with my family and friends, take some golf trips," Williams, Kansas' basketball coach, said Thursday. "People don't realize summer is one of our busiest times of the year, but May is not."

A former Nolan Richardson Golf Classic champion, Williams missed the recent Richardson tourney in Arkansas.

"I went in the first day and came back for graduation," Williams said, referring to last Sunday's ceremony at Memorial Stadium, which featured the graduation of KU's six seniors and former Jayhawk T.J. Whatley, who received his engineering degree.

Million dollar protection: As reported earlier, KU basketball players Raef LaFrentz and Paul Pierce will soon purchase insurance policies from American Specialty Underwriters in Stoneham, Mass.

Actually, the NCAA will purchase the $16,000 policies for both players, who pay the money back in the future after they make NBA teams. Both are expected to receive maximum coverage of $2.7 million to be paid in case of career-ending injury.

Surf at your own risk: This from the Columbia, Mo. Tribune:

Missouri fans discovered last week not everything one reads on the internet is true.

Last week, visitors to Missouri's bulletin board were involved in discussion and congratulations about the Tigers signing Chicago product Nick Irvin.

One problem. If there is a Nick Irvin, he sure didn't sign with Missouri. It was a hoax.

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