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May 23, 1997


Product Reuse Shopping Days help slightly used products live out their final days as intended.

Don't buy new -- reuse!

More than 36,000 pounds of hazardous household products were brought to the Douglas County/City of Lawrence Household Hazardous Waste facility in 1996. That's a lot of unwanted paint, solvents, pesticides, household cleaners, aerosol products, waxes, stains and weed killers.

Many leftover household products entering the collection events are slightly used, in excellent condition and in labeled, original containers. Remember the waste reduction mantra "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"? Those who choose to reuse rather than dispose of these products can attend the city's Waste Reduction and Recycling Division Product Reuse Shopping Day, which is open to nonprofit groups and their members. All products and paint are free, and people are invited to scan the shelves and "shop" for items they could use.

The product reuse program is designed to use products as they were intended in order to reduce the need for disposal of still-valuable items. More than 5,000 pounds of household products from the program were reused by Douglas County residents last year.

Currently the Product Reuse shelves host a nice selection of yard and garden products available for reuse, such as weed killers, rose dusts, Sevin, weed-and-feed type products and more. Latex paint, in good condition, is separated by color and bulked into 5-gallon buckets for redistribution in our community. These latex paints come in a variety of colors -- from off white to barn red -- and are perfect for painting jobs such as garages, fences, sheds and houses. Some of the more drab colors are even used in graffiti abatement measures throughout Lawrence.

Take note of the Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Product Reuse Shopping Day schedule. Shopping days are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on June 25, July 23, Aug. 20, Sept. 24 and Oct. 22 at 711 E. 23rd. Shoppers can also make an appointment by calling 832-3030.

Household hazardous waste can be dropped off from 8 a.m. to noon on the third Saturday of the month at 711 E. 23rd.

For more information about the Household Hazardous Waste Program, Product Reuse Shopping Days or to request a Lawrence Recycling Guide, call 832-3030.

--This information was provided by the Lawrence Waste Reduction and Recycling Division.

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