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March 29, 1997



In December, CMT Partners had intended to install a 125-foot tower on the site, but backed off before it could be considered by the planning commission.

At the time, all communications towers were required to receive a special permit before installation.

In February, city commissioners agreed to amend the city code to remove permit requirements for towers less than 100 feet tall.

CMT now is seeking approval through the site planning process -- a more defined and limited review, which does not face examination by planning commissioners.

Neighbors had complained that the 125-foot tower would have caused health problems, increased blight and lowered property values in the area.

No word yet on neighbors' opinions regarding the proposed 99-foot tower.

Rod Bremby, assistant city manager, said more tower requests likely would surface in the future along the city's major thoroughfares. This latest request appears to accommodate the needs of the company and concerns of surrounding neighbors.

"We think it's a good balance," he said.

bottom line

Bottom line:

A 99-foot communications pole would be installed at 1548 E. 23rd, under a site plan up for approval Tuesday night.

Cellular One wants to install the communications tower to update its communications grid in the area. Stan Zaremba, who owns the property, has granted Cellular One's CMT Partners permission to install the pole.

The pole would include the ability to take on additional communications equipment. Any increase in height, however, would require a special permit reviewed by the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission and approved by the city commission.

The property is currently used for Vanderbilt's, Lawrence Detailing, a service station, construction trailers and a bus company.

In January, commissioners approved a site plan for the property after residents of nearby duplexes complained that more than 70 school buses on the site disrupted their sleep.

The revised site plan up for approval Tuesday night is not scheduled for public comment. As part of the consent agenda, the item would be approved without comment unless a member of the commission, city staff or public asked that it be removed and opened for public discussion.

Other business

City business:

  • Proclaim April "Fair Housing Month" and "The Douglas County AIDS Project AIDS Awareness Month."
  • Approve licenses recommended by the city's department of administrative services.
  • Set a 2 p.m. April 15 deadline for bids to rehabilitate 50 manholes in the city.
  • Set a 2 p.m. April 15 deadline for bids to perform driveway, sidewalk and parking improvements at 1216 N.J. and 1220 N.J. The project's budget is $25,000.
  • Agree to buy a new aerial ladder fire truck for $607,000. The truck, which likely would take at least a year to manufacture, would replace an older truck at downtown's fire station. Another truck, now on reserve, either would be traded in or sold.
  • Agree to buy a new minivan for the police department and new computers for the information systems department.
  • Approve a resolution to borrow $450,000 for this summer's repaving projects along major roads.
  • Approve a resolution establishing a benefit district for improvements along a drainage channel in the Deerfield area, with each of the 39 lots along the banks to pay no more than $5,000. The entire project is expected to cost about $600,000.
  • Revise a permit for Sport 2 Sport, 5200 Clinton Pkwy., to allow construction of a new building, batting cages and 39 parking spaces.
  • Approve a revised site plan for Krug Apartments, 911-929 Ark. The revised plan would allow construction of five residential buildings on the property -- to contain eight duplex units and a single-family residence, for a total of nine dwelling units. The project, located within the historic environs of the Achning Residence, 846 Ark., received approval from the Historic Resources Commission on Feb. 27.
  • Approve grants recommended by the Lawrence Arts Commission.
  • Agree to buy property at 1325 Pa., for up to $75,000. The city then would purchase the property at a sheriff's sale April 15, then resell it to a low-income buyer, said Lynn Goodell, the city's director of housing and neighborhood development.
  • Agree to lease private property for a new municipal court. City staffers recommend choosing a project proposed by Southwind L.L.C., headed by former Commissioner Doug Compton.
  • Consider approving plans for fixing drainage problems along Carolina Street, one of two top priority projects identified in the city's Stormwater Master Plan.
  • Receive a report from staffers concerning recommendations to prevent discriminating in awarding city construction projects.
  • Conduct a public hearing regarding proposed special assessments for sanitary sewers at Free State High School. As proposed, the Lawrence school district would pay up to $283,267 for the work; the project had been expected to cost up to $400,000.

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