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March 23, 1997


Pam Evans, lottery spokesperson, said the Kansas Lottery decided to quit televising drawings in February 1996 for several reasons.

"We discontinued that ... when we were looking at the costs we were incurring in order to air those broadcasts," she said. "Really, we decided that the money could be used in other areas of marketing, in a more efficient manner."

Also, she said, some television stations were running the numbers at the start of their evening newscasts, since the drawings were held at 9:59 p.m. But others waited to televise the drawings during the first commercial break of their newscasts.

"They (viewers) could actually see the winning numbers on one station before they saw the drawings," she said. "It got very confusing."

As far as the integrity of the drawings, Evans said the Kansas Lottery must abide by a variety of state guidelines and internal security policies.

"If players want to come in and actually view, we would have to set up an appointment, but if they wanted to do that we certainly could," Evans said.

Evans said Pick 3 numbers are generated by a computer software program that must be certified by an independent laboratory each year. In addition to external testing, the lottery conducts an internal test to ensure the numbers are being drawn in a random pattern.

Evans urged anyone with questions or concerns about the lottery to call (913) 296-5762.

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