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March 23, 1997


Spring Fever!

Area residents take advantage of mild temperatures.

One day into the season many area residents were springing into action.

They took advantage of Saturday's mild temperatures to pursue outdoor activities.

Lawrence resident Russ Wiggins chose a deserted parking lot at Clinton Lake to dust his 1975 Corvette Stingray while listening to tunes on the car stereo.

"It's beautiful," he said of the weather.

Wiggins said he chose the out-of-the-way spot because he spotted a pair of Canada geese preening nearby.

"They were wandering around here," Wiggins said. "I was wondering if they're going to stay."

Wiggins said he also has a sailboat but won't take it out until the second week of April.

After that he'll take to the water at least twice a week, come rain or shine.

Many boat owners spent the afternoon hammering out minor repairs on boats in dry dock, getting them seaworthy before the hot weather hits. A few took an inaugural dip into the lake.

For diehards like Bill Sullivan, Olathe, temperature has little bearing on when he'll take to the water.

"I've been out when it's 20 degrees," he said.

Sullivan was fishing with friends near the Clinton Lake marina. It's the third time this year he's taken his bass boat to area lakes.

"We're fishing for whatever will bite," Sullivan said.

The foursome caught two white bass in a four-hour span, but their luck wore out as time ran on.

"They were spontaneous," Phil McCullough, Olathe, said of the catch. "As soon as the wind died down they quit biting."

McCullough, who also fishes at Hillsdale, Perry, Pomona and Middle Creek lakes said he usually leaves Clinton Lake with at least one fish in hand.

"We come every chance we get," Mark McCullough said.

Mark McCullough said he didn't think the weekend's warm weather marks the end of the cold.

"We're in for some more cold weather," he said.

Forecasters are predicting cooler temperatures for the early part of next week, just in time for spring break.

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