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March 23, 1997


— Community division over a municipal pool project is clearly reflected in city government races.

The issue that council member Jennie Washburn called "the dirty P word" at a recent forum has split the candidate field down the middle.

Washburn, an incumbent, and newcomer Kim Parrott have voiced support for a new pool, although Parrott hasn't thrown her support to the North Park site.

Doris Scraper, a first-time candidate, and Lee Whaley, a former council member, firmly oppose the North Park project.

Mayoral candidates also are divided. Stan Krysztof, a current council member who's making a run for mayor, is opposed. Current mayor Loren Litteer, who originally decided not to run for re-election but later changed his mind and is seeking the job as a write-in, is a proponent.

On April 1, voters won't be casting ballots on the pool itself. Instead, they'll be deciding whether to allow the city to organize a public building commission that would finish design work and planning for the pool, fund the project and oversee its construction.

But the pool's fate is very much at stake in the vote.

Litteer said that without a public building commission, which would take on the debt for the project, the city would be unable to move forward.

Even if the public building commission is approved, though, the pool isn't in the clear.

Results of the city council and mayoral balloting will tell the tale. If Krysztof, Scraper and Whaley all are elected to the five-member council, the council would have enough votes to scuttle the project.

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