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March 23, 1997


Ames, Iowa

Population: 48,000

Major University: Iowa State University.

System: CyRide.

Organization: Ames Transit Agency, governed by a board of trustees appointed by the system's three major players: city of Ames, Iowa State University administration and Iowa State students.

Service: CyRide provides a fixed-route bus system, which operates seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to midnight. Dial-A-Ride van service provides door-to-door service for elderly and disabled riders.

Coverage: Seven routes covering 82 percent of Ames with a fleet of 42 buses and vans containing 1,460 seats.

Ridership: 2.6 million last year.

Fares: For buses it's general public, 75 cents per ride, or $25 for monthly pass, or $99 for semester pass; students, 35 cents per ride, or $49 for semester pass. For Dial-A-Ride it's $1.50 for disabled riders and $2 for elderly riders.

Annual budget: $3.2 million. Includes $857,000 from student fees, $650,000 from fares, $537,000 from city property taxes, $376,000 from the federal government, $309,000 from the state of Iowa and $229,000 from ISU administration.

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