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March 5, 1997


A bill that would help KU fans get Jayhawk license plates is rolling through the Kansas Legislature.

The road to the Final Four for Kansas University fans is littered with challenges, but a legislator said Tuesday that the road fans take to get Jayhawk mascot license plates is clearing.

"It would be my hope that we would be in a position to take advantage of what will be March Madness over the KU basketball season," State Rep. David Adkins, R-Leawood, said. "Nothing in the legislative process is ever a slam dunk. I'd say it has a pretty good chance."

Adkins is pushing a bill that would change current law so the KU Alumni Association could more easily market mascot plates.

The bill has been approved by the House and sent to the Senate, where it has been assigned to the Senate Transportation Committee.

Adkins has been working with Fred Williams, president of the KU Alumni Association, on the legislation. The bill would reduce the waiting time for a plate to 60 days.

"Effectively, it allows the university to market them year-round," Adkins said.

Under existing law, it could take from six to 17 months, depending on the vehicle owner's property tax schedule, to get a mascot plate.

Because of that long lag time, KU's alumni association has balked at starting a program. Kansas State University put its own program in place last year but sold only 823 tags by the state's Aug. 15 deadline.

The Wildcat plates each cost $122.75: $27.75 for the standard plate fee, $45 for the special tags and $50 for a royalty to support scholarships.

Those getting tags must pay the standard fee and the scholarship royalty each year. In following years, those wanting to get the special plates or renew their old ones must buy vouchers from the alumni association by June 30.

Adkins said the change to 60 days is the same amount of lead time the state now requires for personalized license plates.

"With the support of K-State, KU and the Division of Vehicles, this has a good chance of going in," he said.

And if all goes well, KU's alumni association could begin marketing a plate program by the end of the year, he said.

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