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June 22, 1997


Kevin P. Trevino, 23, Lawrence, and Kelli D. Cross, 21, Lawrence.

Grant Clowers, 40, Lawrence, and Peggy Wichman, 41, Lawrence.

Kevin Bennett, 25, Baldwin, and Tracy Bouska, 22, Baldwin.

Sean Reeves, 22, Lawrence, and April Gieswein, 22, Lawrence.

Kenneth L. Hunnel, 32, Lawrence, and Cynthia F. McNicoll, 38, Lawrence.

Bill Moffitt, 24, Raleigh, N.C., and Courtney Campbell, 22, Lawrence.

Blake Veazey, 25, Lawrence, and Jennifer Pogue, 25, Lawrence.

Larry D. Williams, 50, Lawrence, and Kathleen R. Thurman, 50, Lawrence.

Mitchell S. Stockton, 37, Lawrence, and Francisca M. Velasco, 32, Lawrence.

Trevor Smith, 21, Lawrence, and Leann Taylor, 23, Lawrence.

Daniel J. Schwarz, 24, Baldwin, and Jeanne M. Canaan, 22, Wellsville.

Shawn Gowing, 26, Lecompton, and Joan Miller, 27, Lecompton.

Nathan E. Fairchild, 27, Lawrence, and Jennifer R. Cunton, 25, Lawrence.

M. Gary Banwart, 57, Nashville, and Mary C. Wagner, 28, Nashville.

Ronald C. Ritter Jr., 32, Akron, Ohio, and Gwendolyn A. Randel, 25, Baldwin.

Charles W. Traylor, 54, Topeka, and Judith M. Cole, 53, Topeka.

Ranoall V. Ermey, 41, Lawrence, and Leslie A. Engel, 34, Lawrence.

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