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June 20, 1997


The LawrencePublic Library will hold an adult-reading program for the first time this summer.

When it comes to reading, why should children have all the fun?

That was a question staffers at the Lawrence Public Library recently asked themselves.

"Summer reading programs have always been focused on kids, but we got to thinking: What about adult readers as well?" said Bruce Flanders, director of the library, Seventh and Vermont.

For the first time, an adult summer reading program will be held at the library.

In the program, participants will choose and read a book in four categories: a classic, contemporary fiction, nonfiction and a children's classic.

Participants will have through Sept. 10 to finish their books, which may be checked out from the library, taken from home libraries or recently purchased.

They will be asked to list the names of books and authors read on a form, to be returned to the library.

People who complete the program will earn coupons for 10 percent off books at a local bookstore, and discounts on movie tickets and ice cream.

The program will be conducted using the honor system.

"I'm not going to give anyone a pop quiz or ask for book reviews," Flanders said. "It's totally an honor system."

Flanders said adult-reading programs have recently begun at several libraries nationally.

"The thing that we would like to see most is the list of books that people turn in," Flanders said. "I think it would be good for the staff to determine the type of books that people are reading in the community.

"We're also hoping for short paragraph (on the forms) to see how reading and the library have impacted people's lives in the community."

Forms for the adult-reading program can be picked up at any of the library's check-out or reference desks. Forms also should be available in the lobby.

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