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June 18, 1997


The Clothesline Project, a public display of T-shirts made by survivors of violence, will be held Saturday.

A public display designed to show the strength of local survivors of violence and raise public awareness about the problem will be held Saturday.

The Clothesline Project will display about 60 T-shirts made by survivors of violence and others from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Lawrence Indian Center, 1423 Haskell.

"This project was created to celebrate women's and children's strength of survival," said Rachel Cristaudo, co-coordinator of the project, which is conducted in cities worldwide.

In addition, the event is held to raise awareness about violence and to remember those who have died as a result of violence.

Most T-shirts on display will be made by survivors, some of whom are expected to be making shirts during the public display, Cristaudo said.

Other shirts on display will be made by friends and family of survivors. All shirts will be related to incidents that happened in the Lawrence area, she said.

The colors of each shirt will represent a different form of violence, Cristaudo said, with white representing those who have died; yellow or beige for those who have been battered or assaulted; red, pink or orange for those who have suffered rape or sexual assault; blue and green for those who have suffered incest or child sexual abuse; and purple or lavender for those who have been attacked because of their sexual orientation.

Drop boxes for finished shirts and/or financial or supply donations for the display will be available at Headquarters, 1419 Mass., and at the Lawrence Indian Center.

The Clothesline Project has been held three times each year in Lawrence since 1995.

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