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June 15, 1997


The Dallas Morning News

You're psyched about monster trucks one minute, then weeping at the end of ``Field of Dreams'' the next. Just how manly are you? Try our quiz and find out.

I couldn't put down ...

A) ``Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.''

B) Jane Austen's ``Pride and Prejudice.''

C) the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

To expand my horizons, I have begun to ...

A) cook New Southwest cuisine.

B) play chess with friends.

C) study character development on ``Baywatch'' reruns.

My favorite Stooge is ...

A) Who? What?

B) Shemp.

C) Moe, Larry and Curly have such a creative synergy -- who's to judge?

Lost in the city, I would ...

A) ask a stranger for directions.

B) drive aimlessly and pretend I know where I'm going.

C) ask a stranger for directions and then try to pick her up.

When upset with my partner, I ...

A) share my feelings.

B) take a deep breath and count to 10.

C) rent the Mad Max movies and count the bodies.

My fashion sense is based on my ...

A) tasteful color coordination.

B) choice of flashy blazers.

C) ability to wear 10-year-old underwear.

My buddies are in their element when they ...

A) discuss surrealism in Luis Bunuel's films.

B) decode the existentialism in Nirvana songs.

C) argue about whom they dug more, Ginger or Mary Ann.

I drink my coffee ...

A) from a mug with a monogrammed teddy bear on it.

B) straight from the pot.

C) I don't drink it, I chew on the grounds.

Give yourself one point for each time you answered A, two points for each time you answered B, and three points for each time you answered C. Add up the points and check your manliness rating.

  • 8-12 points: Sensitive and thoughtful, you are doomed to be everybody's dear friend.
  • 13-18 points: Independent and with a measure of chutzpah, you could use a little more poker, fishin' and barbecue in your life.
  • 19-24 points: Surging with testosterone, you must be handed a set of power tools and put to some use.

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