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June 3, 1997


I saw the story in the paper about McGruff the Crime Dog. Does the program really work?

Lawrence police officials say the program, which began locally in 1980, has paid off with increased awareness about ways to prevent crime and increase safety.

Nationally, the McGruff program -- goal: "take a bite out of crime" -- reports the following results:

  • 99 percent of children ages six to 12 recognize McGruff.
  • 70 percent of all children know of McGruff.
  • 90 percent of teens and 70 percent of adults trust McGruff for crime prevention information.
  • 90 percent of crime prevention professionals say that McGruff helps them do their jobs more effectively.

Lawrence's departments of utilities and public works last week kicked off participation in the McGruff Truck Program, which allows children in need of help to flag down city trucks, whose operators then can radio ahead to appropriate public safety agencies for response.

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