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February 14, 1997


Tools of the trade

Here are some of the materials that "Stomp" uses during its performances. The list is based on a per-week basis, except when specified otherwise.

  • 20 brooms
  • 40 gallons of water
  • two gallons of floor paint
  • six wooden poles
  • five Sunday New York Times
  • 30 pounds of sand
  • seven mop heads
  • one fire bucket
  • 10 garbage can lids
  • two hatchet handles
  • four wheel rims
  • eight fist-sized chunks of chalk
  • four rolls of gaffer tape
  • six Ace bandages
  • six disposable ice packs
  • six ball-peen hammer handles
  • one stainless steel sink with draining board, every three months
  • one oil drum, every two months
  • eight ski boots, every four months

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