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February 14, 1997


The third in a series of burns of asbestos-containing buildings at the Sunflower Army Ammunitions Plant in DeSoto went smoothly, the plant's manager said Thursday. Test results of the ash left behind should be available early next week.

Five large structures, as big as 4,800 square feet, and three smaller structures were burned Thursday morning. The buildings are being burned to develop the area for commercial use. The building burns are slated to continue periodically until March 1999, when plant officials hope to complete the project.

Using a special fire-fighting foam, oscillating water nozzles and a 25-foot, tethered blimp, plant officials were able to control the burn and sample the resulting ash.

"We got some good samples, I think," said Gayla Frazier, resident manager for Alliant Techsystems, the plant's operating contractor.

Ash from a test burn last year did contain asbestos, but it was trapped in paper form and not considered hazardous by state health officials.

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