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December 10, 1997


First couple words then finish out the summary

If the new phone book can be trusted, business is booming in Lawrence.

The Yellow Pages section of the 1997-98 Southwestern Bell directory contains listings for more than 1,300 businesses, an increase of nearly 25 percent from a year ago.

Because every area business gets a free listing in the Yellow Pages, it can be a good indicator of area commercial growth.

Delivery of more than 74,000 copies of the new Lawrence phone book will begin today, said Mike Scott, Southwestern Bell area manager. Delivery should be complete by the end of the month.

The 1,308 businesses listed in the new book represent an increase of 24.8 percent from last year's 1,048. There are also more pages in the section -- this year's 227 pages is up from 206 last year.

The white pages grew, too, said Southwestern Bell spokesman Bill Townsend. This year's 42,000 listings occupy 182 pages. In the old book, there were about 41,000 listings on 179 pages.

Besides hundreds of new businesses and a handful more pages than in the old directory, the new book includes listings for Baldwin for the first time. It joins Clinton, Eudora and Lecompton in the Lawrence book.

"It's just to make the book a little more useful," Scott said of Baldwin's inclusion. It resides in a separate section in the white pages.

A comparison of this year's Yellow Pages listings with those in the old book uncovered some trends.

Internet growth, for example.

The new book lists eight companies providing Internet service, up from six a year ago.

Real estate is growing, too. The new book includes 42 listings under the heading, up 27 percent. And there is one more home builder listed in the book this year, bringing the total to 27.

There are more companies catering to investors. A year ago, there were 22 listings for investments, securities and advice. The new book lists 27 firms offering those services.

And we're spending more time out carousing, apparently. The new book includes listings for 20 taverns and 15 nightclubs. That's up from 17 taverns and 13 nightclubs a year ago.

There are listings for two more cellular telephone companies, one more grocery store and one fewer bookstore.

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  • If you're a fan of Kansas University basketball, you're likely to appreciate Southwestern Bell's new Lawrence phone book. As KU celebrates 100 years of college basketball, the cover photo on the 1997-98 directory focuses on old photos, game tickets, newspaper articles and other historical items.
  • From Dec. 16 through Jan. 11, old phone books can be dropped off for recycling. Drop-off sites for Project ReDirectory will be included on a flier delivered with the new books.
  • All Lawrence-area customers should get their phone books by the end of the month. If customers do not receive their books or need additional copies, they can call (785) 331-4657.

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