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December 5, 1997


R. Scott Botello, Lawrence, and Mary L. Botello, Eudora.

Michelle Jordan Balletta, Lawrence, and Michael Balletta, Lawrence.

Charles Robert Cates, Eudora, and Rhonda Carline Cates, Pleasant Hill, Mo.

Larae Carol Pina, Lawrence, and Danny Lawrence Pina, Lawrence.

Shelly K. Sandberg-Grohe, Lawrence, and Allan Thomas Grohe Jr., Lawrence.

Vincent A. Worthington, Lawrence, and Marika Dalley Worthington, Lawrence.

Jessie Whitlock, Lawrence, and Richard Whitlock, Lawrence.

Richard Norman, Lawrence, and Connie Norman, Lawrence.

Richard E. Seaver, Gardner, and Frances S. Seaver, Gardner.

Loretta L. Porter, Lawrence, and Loren T. Porter.

Janet E. Janson Kelly, Lawrence, and Edward McKinley Kelly, Lawrence.

Laura A. Sommers, Lawrence, and Neil D. Sommers, Kansas City, Mo.

Sandra J. Duprey, Edgerton, and Richard F. Duprey, Gardner.

Charity Renee Beegle, Lawrence, and Stephen John Beegle.

Jennifer L. Reed, Lawrence, and Robert A. Reed, Lawrence.

Donald Baise, Eudora, and Tina Baise, Lawrence.

Maria P. Teichmann, Lawrence, and John M. Teichmann, Lawrence.

Amy L. Blizzard, Lawrence, and Joshua J. Blizzard, Wainwright, Alaska.

Edward M. Kiernan, Lawrence, and Rhonda Russell, Eudora.

Peter L. Thomas, Lawrence, and Stacy K. Thomas, Lawrence.

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