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August 26, 1997


Bottom line:

New rules for building private roads in rural areas will be up for review by planning commissioners.

Douglas County commissioners have requested several new rules for developing such roads in the county's unincorporated areas. The new regulations would "substantially limit use of private roads for development," said Craig Weinaug, county administrator.

Among the new regulations:

  • New private roads must be built according to standards approved by the public works department. Those standards, which have yet to be approved, would require ...
  • Applicants to pay a $100 application fee to be considered for approval of a new private road.
  • Property owners within a half mile of a proposed private road to be notified about a public hearing to consider the application.


Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission background for Aug. 27, 1997, meeting


As is current practice, no private roads providing access to more than one residence -- including farmsteads -- are approved unless the road is built along a dedicated easement. Nor can any new private road provide access to more than three residences.

Current rules allow the commission to approve a private road for any "landlocked" property -- one without direct access to a private road -- provided it grants a 70-foot easement. Such properties do not need to be platted or otherwise comply with the joint city-county subdivision regulations, meaning nearby property owners might never know a private road is going in.

Commissioners, however, have indicated a desire to tighten up development standards. Private roads can become public streets down the road, and substandard design or construction can lead to higher costs for taxpayers through extensive maintenance or even reconstruction.

other business

Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission business for Aug. 27, 1997, meeting

Other business:

  • Approve a preliminary plat for DeVel Addition No. 4, a 113-lot single-family residential subdivision covering 29.6 acres south of Interstate 70 and north of DeVel additions Nos. 1 and 3. Requested by Landplan Engineering for Pinnacle Land L.L.C., property owner of record.
  • Approve a revised preliminary plat for Fox Chase Addition, to add 0.7 acres to the existing 22.7-acre subdivision. The new plat would include 71 lots. The area is located south of Sixth Street at the western city limits. Requested by Landplan Engineering for Marla L.L.C., property owner of record.
  • Approve a preliminary plat for Meadowlark Addition No. 2, a 36-lot, single-family residential subdivision covering 10 acres between Kensington Road and Douglas County East 1600 Road, north of 26th Terrace. Requested by The Peridian Group for Stuart R. Doores, property owner of record.
  • Approve a final plat for Independence Addition, a one-lot industrial plat covering 5 acres at the southwest corner of Haskell Avenue and 20th Street. Requested by Landplan Engineering for Independence Inc., with Martin Moore acting for the property owner of record.
  • Approve a final plat for Auto Zone Subdivision, a one-lot commercial plat covering 41,175 square feet at 2714 Iowa. Requested by EBH & Associates for Auto Zone Inc., property owner of record.
  • Approve a final plat for Eagle Ridge Subdivision, a 17-lot county residential subdivision covering 105 acres north of Douglas County Route 458, between East 750 and East 800 roads. Requested by BG Consultants for Larry R. Wedman, president of Wedman Construction Inc., property owner of record.
  • Approve a final plat for Pine Ridge Plaza Addition, a replat of 32 acres bordered by Ousdahl Road and Iowa, 31st and 33rd streets. Requested by Keith Eaton of The Peridian Group for the property owners of record: Malan Realty Investors Inc., city of Lawrence, Professional Real Estate Management Group Inc., RA & JG L.C., and Earl May Seed & Nursery, L.C.
  • Approve a revised preliminary development plan for LRM Industries Concrete Plant Addition, south of Kansas Highway 10, west of the company's asphalt plant. Requested by Landplan Engineering for PDO Investments, property owner of record.
  • Conduct a public hearing to discuss a proposed Future Land Use Map for Horizon 2020, the comprehensive land use plan for Lawrence and unincorporated areas of Douglas County. The proposed map indicates future land uses as indicated in Horizon 2020. The map covers the northern half of Lawrence; a second map, for areas of Lawrence south of 15th Street, is expected to be completed sometime this fall. Copies of the draft map are available for public viewing in the lobby at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts; and at the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt. Copies of the draft map may be purchased at Kinko's, Pro Print or Copy Co.
  • Consider a request to annex and rezone 10 acres for residential development along the east side of East 1600 Road, south of 27th Street (if extended east). The property would be rezoned from agricultural to planned residential uses. Requested by Jack and Mary Arensberg, property owners of record.
  • Consider a request to rezone 88 acres from valley channel to industrial uses, to be used for a concrete recycling plant operated by LRM Industries Inc. The property is located about a quarter-mile east of Haskell Avenue, south of Township Road North 1250. A request for a conditional use permit for operating such a plant also is scheduled for review. The rezoning is requested by Robert P. and Pauline G. Harrison, property owners of record. The permit is requested by Landplan Engineering on behalf of the property owners and LRM Industries.
  • Consider recommending approval of a permit to install a 150-foot-tall monopole cellular communications tower on a 100-square-foot area of property south of Sixth Street and east of Comet Lane, to be leased by Southwestern Bell Wireless from Space Saver Storage L.C., property owner of record. Attorney Price Banks requested the permit, on behalf of Southwestern Bell Wireless. A similar pole is located behind Burger King, southwest of 23rd Street and Naismith Drive.
  • Consider a request to rezone 40 acres, from agricultural to suburban home residential uses, west of Douglas County Route 1029 and south of U.S. Highway 40. Requested by Dwight and Caroline Jackson with permission of the property owners of record: Dan O. Cain Jr., Theresa A. Cain, Gene Cain, Mary Louise Cain and James G. Cain.
  • Consider requests for permits to build structures for storing road salt and sand in two locations: 948 E. 800 Rd., at the southeast corner of Douglas County Routes 1 and 458 near Lone Star, about 10 miles southwest of Lawrence; and 1704 N. 700 Rd., along the north side of Douglas County Route 460 in Vinland, about seven miles outside of Lawrence. Requested by Michael Kelley of the Douglas County Public Works Department, on behalf of Douglas County, property owner of record.
  • Consider revising the adopted Transportation Improvement Program for 1997, to reflect two new projects involving federal grants.
  • Consider a request to annex 12 acres of property east of the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1400 E. Eighth. The property is located east of the plant and north of 11th Street. Requested by the Lawrence City Commission for the city of Lawrence, property owner of record.
  • Receive a request from Jim Jesse to create a new zoning district.

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