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September 25, 1996


7th Heaven, a Kansas City-based music and accessories store, took over The End Compact Disc & Tapes, 1000 Mass., earlier this month.

7th Heaven has been in business for 22 years near 76th Street and Troost in Kansas City, Mo. The company originated as a music, used jeans and jewelry store. Owner Jan Fichman, president of 7th Heaven, said he is excited to open the company's fourth store.

"Lawrence is something pretty exciting for us," Fichman said. "We think we can bring a a deeper selection of music and a different mix of products than the other stores there."

The company hopes to appeal to the diversity of the Lawrence population, adding music selections according to the demands.

"We're still one of the little independent guys," he said. "We can change titles quickly to better service people that way."

The company added futon sales about five years ago, but because of the small size of the former The End store, Fichman said the store will focus its sales on music, clothing, contemporary tobacco smoking accessories, artwork and other unique merchandise. 7th Heaven also owns Cosmic Slop, Kansas City, a clothing store that sells contemporary clothing inspired by music.

"Anything my buyers see and think would sell, we get," he said.

Store manager of The End, Jim White, is the manager for 7th Heaven. The End was open for two years.

A flyer criticizing the new 7th Heaven store has circulated in downtown recently. The flyer was signed by Citizens for Good Government and included the Mercantile Bank's name and address. Bank executives said the Mercantile Bank did not create the flyer and has no association with it. David Longhurst, president of Downtown Lawrence Inc., also said he did not know where the flyer originated.

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