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September 19, 1996


Is there a problem at the tollbooths on the Turnpike with the collectors having enough change? On a recent trip between the East Lawrence and West Lawrence interchanges -- because of construction -- I discovered I only had a $10 bill. When I handed it to the woman at the tollbooth, she didn't wait for my apology or explanation but jumped all over me and complained bitterly about a $10 bill for a quarter toll. Why don't they keep adequate change? Why was it such a problem?

"We would like to begin by apologizing for the discourteous treatment our customer experienced from the collector at the Lawrence toll plaza," said Lisa Callahan, a spokesperson for the Kansas Turnpike Authority. "We certainly expect our collectors to be helpful and to treat all KTA customers in a pleasant manner.

"While we do not know the exact circumstances from this report, the collectors should have an adequate fund on hand to make change for any normal transaction and certainly a $10 bill falls in that category. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to our customer's question and to take corrective action."

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