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September 3, 1996


The Kansas Board of Regents completed a statistical study of faculty salaries at the six state universities, including Kansas University.

Many of the statistics compared fiscal year 1988 to fiscal year 1996, which ended June 30.

Facts contained in the report:

  • In 1996, regents university faculty salaries were 90.8 percent of five "peer" universities (similar size and mission) and 86.5 percent of the national average.
  • Regents university faculty salaries have increased 40.7 percent since 1988, compared to the average peer university increase of 36.1 percent and national average of 34.7 percent.
  • Average faculty salary at KU in 1996 was $52,561. Average of KU's peer universities was $58,567. Average of the six regents universities was $47,132, while the peer average was $52,012.
  • KU salaries averaged 89.7 percent of peer institutions in 1996, the worst showing among regents universities.
  • Number of ranked instructional faculty members at regents universities increased from 2,959 in 1988 to 3,022 in 1996. KU's faculty headcount was 929 in 1988 and 994 in 1996.
  • Gross credit hours taught annually per ranked faculty declined from 627 hours in 1988 to 610 hours in 1996. At KU, credit hours fell from 719 hours to 621 hours.
  • Regents university assistant professors made 86.4 percent of an associate professor's wage in 1996, but associate professors earned 75.6 percent of a full professor's salary.
  • The faculty-to-student ratio at KU was 1:18 in 1995, while the average of KU's peer universities was 1:16.
  • The faculty resignation rate was 5.7 percent in 1989. It dropped to 4.1 percent in 1991 and 3 percent in 1993 before returning to 4.1 percent in 1995.

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