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October 27, 1996


To increase student involvement, teachers, under the leadership of Coach Kathy Stuntz, organized an early morning intramural volleyball activity. More than 200 students participate in this activity. Every first-hour teacher has a team. Games begin at 7:45 a.m. and end at 8:15 a.m., when the bell rings to allow students into the building. The girls' volleyball team members officiate and faculty members supervise. The games end with a tournament the week of Nov. 11.

Native American Youth leaders elected officers for the 1996-1997 school year. They are Dominique Cornelius. president; Donovan Romero, vice president; Amber Robinson, secretary; and Azure Sitting Up, treasurer.

Other members include Elizabeth Blue Back, Steven Byington, Maria Cadue, Twyla Crow Ghost, Lindsey Eisenbarger, Jesse James, David Jumbo, Hawk Robinson, Bobbie Littlesun, Travis Sawyer, Jamie Tanner and Mitzi Zotigh. Tentative plans for the year include a caroling party, a Native American Assembly or a seminar day, activities with the LHS Indian Club and participation in the Kansans of Color Conference.

Native American Youth leaders participated in the Haskell Indian Nations University Homecoming Parade Oct. 17. Students who participated were: William Jackson, Nick Luna, Matt Pulliam, Aaron Berryhill, and Dominique and Tasia Cornelius. They decorated Mr. and Mrs. Eli Jackson's truck. Also participating were the SJHS Spirit Squads. Student Council was represented by the Stuco Officers who decorated Mr. Harrod's truck, SJHS assistant principal. Officers were Lindsey Sullivan, Natalie Wilson, Jamie Rusk and Rachel Frederickson.

Close to 300 runners and volunteers participated in the Cougar Challenge run/walk Sept. 29 at South. Its purpose was to promote cardiovascular fitness and to develop a lifelong commitment to vigorous exercise. Participants contributed more than 300 food items to the Emergency Service Council.

This year's winners were:

  • Overall male: Joe Heacock, 10:41.
  • Overall female: Andrea Hemphill, 11:56.

Ninth-grade female: Heidi Habiger, first, Elizabeth Spencer, second, Jamie Tanner, third. Ninth-grade male: Joe Heacock, first, Mike Boehle, second, Chris Hoss, third. Eighth-grade female: Elise Schnose, first, Suzy Mosher, second, Becky Wenger, third. Eighth-grade male: Sean Patton, first, Aaron Payne, second, Steve Bagwell, third. Seventh-grade female: Andrea Hemphill, first, Beth Sheely, second, Lisa Lewin, third. Seventh-grade male: Norman Decelles, first, Jay Narcomey, second, Justin Riley, third.

Twenty-five years and under, female: Angela Shuckhosee, first, Maria Shuckhosee, second, Sarah Urban, third. Twenty-five years and under, male: Brett Urban, first, Mike Turrentine, second, Scott Bellinger, third. Twenty-six years and over, female: Sandra Urban, first, Cheryl Smith, second, Marcia Riley, third. Twenty-six years and over, male: Steve Riley, first, Shaun Trenholm, second, Rick Cates, third.

  • South's gymnasium was the site of an all-school dance sponsored by Student Council the evening of Oct. 11. And from 8 p.m. Oct. 11 to 6 a.m. Oct. 12, South's Kansas Association for Youth group held a lock-in. Ann Weygint and Sean Patton were in charge of the lock-in. More than 30 parents and KAY summer camp staff members supervised. Pizza was served at midnight. Activities included basketball, volleyball, line dancing, couple dancing, movies and general fun.

  • South Singers presented their fall concert Oct. 23. Mark Robinson, director, announced a varied program with trio Nathan Bachers, Fletcher Hamel and Nick Jacob. Also the girls and the boys sang separate numbers. Mozart's "Ave Verum," accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra, ended the program.

Their winter tour to South's feeder elementary schools will be Dec. 13, preceding their winter concert on Dec. 16.

South Singers are:

Soprano I: Elizabeth Betzen, Heather Bouton, Tave Bowers, Leah Cummings, Kathryn Fuller, Sarah Lockwood, Valerie Pentecost, Natalie Ralston, Joy Remke, Karen Sechler, Ellen Shackelford, Lindsey Sullivan, Becky Wenger, Courtney Williams, Elizabeth Spencer, Jamie Dasenbrock.

Soprano II: Kelly Bowen, Dominique Cornelius, Heidi Habiger, Susie Heiman, Himee Kamatuka, Suzy Mosher, Kindra Myers, Arundhati Pal, Hannah Reed, Shandi Reeves, Amanda Rose, Lindsey Rhoton, Elise Schnose, Shelly Shores, Jamie Tanner, Julie Cochrane.

Altos: Trish Averill, Katie Bell, Namukolo Chinonge, Susan Gelvin, Nicole Gerard, Taylor Guntert, Anna Hosek, Lydia Hull, Carrie Lloyd, Robyn McPhail, Patty Meseraull, Rachel Oliver, Alyssa Patterson, Sarah Scholle, Betsy Willhite, Natalie Wilson, Amanda Woodward, Heidi Yoder.

Tenor: Mike Bateman, Ronnie Bruce, Steven Byington, Steven Davis, David Dunn, Will Ekpo, Dustin Huff, Stephen Jones, Thomas Kocher, Nick Mosher, Arijit Pal, Sean Patton, Andrew Roberts, Mike Sawyer, Chad Wissler, Scott Belford.

Baritone: Mike Boehle, Jay Gray, Joe Heacock, Thomas Holland, Nick Jacob, Jason Njoroge, Kanzhu Wang, Jesse Hout.

Bass: Nathan Bachert, Fletcher Hamel, Mattijs Van De Liefvoort, Beau Wenger.

Choir Managers: Sinduhja Kadambi and Megan Rytting.

  • Lynn Basow, director of Lawrence Youth Symphony, has chosen these South students for her roster: Roxy Chikezie, April Davis, Carlos Espinosa, Kathy Espinosa, Kathryn Fuller, Eli Gourley, Jay Gray, Lynelle Grimes, Sarah Hess, Nick Jacob, Miriam Maples, Arundhati Pal, Sean Patton, Valerie Pentecost, Natalie Ralston, Rebecca Raynes, Ellen Shackelford, Dan Sheeley and Monica Wiggins.

  • Darrel Cox, director of the All City Junior High Jazz Band, has chosen these South students for the band: Nathan Bachert and James Norman, both tenor saxophone; Sarah Scholle, baritone sax; Stephen Jones, alternate trumpet; Leah Cummings, alternate piano; Jay Gray and Rachel Merz, trumpet; Steven Byington and Joe Heacock, trombone; and Steven Davis and Mattijs Van de Liefvoort, both drums.

  • From the librarian, Marcia McPhail, comes "Count on Reading," an initiative by the American Association of School Librarians to have children read one billion books by April 1, 1997.

The Kansas goal is 5 million. The current count is around 1.5 million. The following classes are participating, having read 1,051 books for the month of September: Denise Akins, Jo Burr, Carol Hampton, Harlanne Herdman, Clenece Hills, Betty Norwood, Dave Olson, Carol McFall and Lorri Stussie.

  • Seventh-graders in Carol Hampton's and David Olsen's Core classes recently held a debate to determine whether Brazil should develop its Amazonian rain forest. Students were assigned a specific role to play and developed a speech based on facts given them to support the affirmative or negative side of the proposal. Team coordinators for each side organized their speakers and gave opening and closing statements while an eighth-grade board of inquiry determined the winner of the debate.

  • Yearbook students of Tawnia Lashley are participating with Taste of the Town, a card that allows you to eat at 10 Lawrence restaurants with a buy-one-entree-get-one-free offer. The card costs $20.

Yearbook students are: Julie Cochrane, Kathy Espinosa, Kathryn Fuller, Shea Hasse, Gayle Hoopingarner, Lance Hoover, Sarah Lockwood, Nicole Muckey, Kindra Myers, Lindsey Sullivan, Chelsea Turner, Jessica Vanek, Beau Wenger, Becky Wenger, Monica Wiggins and Lindsay Wycoff.

On Oct. 11, two KAYS, Jennifer Akins and Dawn Heck, along with nurse Vivian Caughey, attended the Kansas State Department of Health and Environment workshop in Topeka to learn more about Kansas Kids Against Tobacco.

They now plan to present information to the entire club in order to write a mini-grant to demonstrate actions, efforts and ways to change the climate toward tobacco use among teens in Lawrence. This grant would be up to $1,000 for tobacco use prevention programs. Committees from the club will be formed to activate the grant.

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