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October 26, 1996


Firefighters urge people to check their smoke detectors' batteries this weekend.

An extra 60 minutes to sleep, read the Journal-World or even check the batteries in your smoke detectors.

That's what we'll all get Sunday morning thanks to a 1986 act of Congress that tinkered with the way we record the space-time continuum.

At 2 a.m. Sunday, we go off daylight-saving time and revert back to standard time.

That means setting clocks back one hour. And it means getting back the hour we lost on the first Sunday of April, when daylight-saving time kicked in.

As long as you're changing your clocks, it would also be a good time to change the batteries in the smoke detectors around your house, said Rich Barr, Lawrence's fire marshal.

The Lawrence Fire Department is participating in a national home fire safety program called "Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery," Barr said.

He said many of the fatality fires that have occurred over the past few years have been in homes where the smoke alarms weren't working.

"We want to remind people that this weekend is a good time to check the smoke detectors and change their batteries," he said.

Daylight-saving time sets clocks one hour ahead so sunrise and sunset occur at a later hour, producing another hour of daylight in the evening, when more people are active. DST has been usedin the United States and some European countries since 1907 in order to save fuel used to produce electricity to light homes in the evening.

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