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October 26, 1996


Researchers at the Kansas University Medical Center are testing a cream made from soybeans as a possible new treatment for lowering cholesterol levels.

Others are studying a three-drug combination to treat patients with advanced prostate cancer.

The soy cream may be better than current anti-cholesterol drugs because it avoids the digestive tract and goes directly into the bloodstream. It's being tested at the KU Medical Center's Lipid and Arteriosclerosis Prevention clinic, and at the University of Minnesota and Columbia University in New York.

The prostate study, which could last nine months, is open to men at least 18 years old with advanced prostate cancer that has spread within the body. Participants must also have already been treated with hormonal therapy.

The drugs, which have never before been used together, are estramustine, originally designed to treat breast cancer; vinblastine, used to treat breasts and testicular cancers and Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma; and strontium-90, a radionuclide used in easing pain.

  • For more information about the soybean cream cholesterol trial, call (913) 588-4000. For information about the prostate cancer drug trial, call (913) 588-4709.

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