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October 12, 1996


A KU fraternity, the third in little more than a year, was found to have engaged in hazing.

Delta Tau Delta fraternity was placed on probation for two years after hazing a group of pledges, Kansas University officials said Friday.

The chapter was found to have deprived new members of sleep, sources said. No injuries were reported at the house, 1111 W. 11th.

"Hazing, regardless of its severity, will not be tolerated," said James Kitchen, KU dean of student life.

The Delts must complete a 12-point plan of corrective measures before the chapter can be reinstated to good standing with KU. Punishment options included probation (least severe), suspension and expulsion (most severe).

Probation doesn't restrict the fraternity from participating in official university activities.

In the past year, KU officials have taken a hard line on hazing.

In April, Alpha Epsilon Pi, 1116 Ind., was placed on two years' probation by KU for humiliating a pledge during a hazing ritual in October 1995.

KU investigated a possible case of hazing in November 1995 after a student was found wrapped in cellophane from shoulder to knee in front of Gertrude Sellards Pearson Residence Hall for women. The student blamed the incident on pledge brothers at his fraternity.

Delta Chi, 1245 West Campus Rd., was severely sanctioned in September 1995 for a hazing incident that landed members in the hospital.

Two sophomores were forced to overexert themselves outdoors in 99-degree heat after they had consumed alcoholic beverages. One suffered kidney failure.

KU suspended the chapter for one year as a registered student organization. The fraternity's national organization issued a two-year suspension.

In the case of Delta Tau Delta, the investigation began after a student complained of hazing.

The fraternity accepted responsibility for the hazing and won't appeal the ruling.

The fraternity's international body is still investigating the case, said Chris Garrelts, chapter president.

"It was an isolated incident and we are very sorry that it happened," Garrelts said. "We have taken the appropriate steps to correct this situation internally."

Key mandated corrective measures:

  • Coordinate all activities and meet regularly with KU staff.
  • Develop a revised new-member education program and participate in programs sponsored by other Greek organizations.
  • Require all members to sign a statement affirming they will abide by anti-hazing policies of KU, Interfraternity Council and Delta Tau Delta.
  • Inform parents of members about the fraternity's probation.
  • Sponsor a philanthropic project with proceeds directed toward an organization dedicated to prevention of hazing.
  • Have a fraternity alumnus present at initiation activities.
  • Sponsor a lecture on the issue of hazing.

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