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October 10, 1996


Republicans are on the lookout for a red Toyota Celica with a Clinton-Gore bumper sticker.

Bernice Todd, 715 Forrest, told the Journal-World Wednesday that her son, Richard, saw two men Wednesday morning trying to steal GOP signs out of her front yard.

"Those guys, as soon as they saw him, they jumped back in the car and drove off," Todd said.

Todd said she has signs up in her yard for GOP candidates for county commission, district attorney and Congress.

Todd, a long-time GOP precinct committeewoman and the wife of former Republican Insurance Commissioner Ron Todd, said sign stealing goes on every election.

"Democrats do this every election. These were definitely Democrats," he said. "Other Republicans sometimes do that too, especially if there's a hot race. They run off and pull them out."

It happened frequently when her husband ran for office in 1990 and 1994.

"We would put them up and an hour later, we would come back and they would be gone," she said. "We sure wasted a lot of money on signs."

She said her husband is currently in Lawrence Memorial Hospital, suffering from pneumonia.

Ron Todd, who has diabetes, has been in the hospital nine times since he left office. He has broken his hip, had complications that led to amputating a leg at the knee, and he has suffered a heart attack, Bernice Todd said.

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