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November 18, 1996


Southwest theater students recently performed in three one-act plays that had a common theme of the American Revolution.

Brianne Colson, Alison Lawrence, Erin Morgan and Erica Johnson-Wanzer starred in "Victory Ball."

The cast of "One Life to Lose" included Fallon Farokhi, Lindsey Garcia, Caitlin King, Jenni Holladay, Elizabeth Ross, Jared Whalen, Mallory Frye, Erin Morgan, Evan Grosshaus, Ben Gunning, Alex Wickersham, Lauren Salvini, Sarah Collins and Whitney Vanater.

"The Whites of Their Eyes" was performed by Molly Kocour, Adam Blair, Dan Begert, Rikkye Morgenstern, Jenni Holladay, Erica Johnson-Wanzer, Heather Pilshaw, Kristina Seeley, Jason Flory, Sarah Daughtery, Mallory Frye, Erin Morgan, David Gosser, Sarah Meyers, Matthew Herbert, Aubrey Vaugh, Raphael Franklin, David Parkinson and Derrick Rollins. The production crew included Nathaniel Honaker, Lindsey Dunlap, Andrea Proctor and Kasey Huffman. Erin Baker was stage manager.

The Southwest theater director was Andrew Manuel, and Cheryl Manuel was technical director.

  • Randy Weseman, assistant superintendent, visited David Drennan's materials and processes class recently to demonstrate Japanese woodworking handtools. He compared and contrasted the methods used by Western woodworkers and those in Japan.

  • Cindy Sears' art students are displaying rice paper and reed creatures they created as part of an assignment on kinetic sculpture. After studying kinetic energy, balance and movement -- with Calder's mobiles as inspiration -- students created giant exoskeletons of selected insects with reed, then covered parts of the visual planes with rice paper. The results are crawling on the art room walls and hovering over the periodicals section of the library.

  • The first issue of Bulldog Bulletin for this school year featured articles by the following writers: Bria DeSalvo, Matt Manda, Katie Mika, Chris Gardner, Alex King, Mike Connolly, Ella Newman, Kris Davenport, Sara Katich, Brad Quellhorst, Mike Zimmerman, JoDee Eaton, Ashley Flaslerud and David Bennett. Valerie Lewis is the faculty adviser. You can view the electronic version of Bulldog Bulletin at

  • Nancy Hall visited Southwest's yearbook staff recently. She works in the field of yearbook publication and assisted students with various ideas and strategies for production of the Southwest yearbook. Greg Vessar is the yearbook sponsor.

  • Election Day '96 was a busy one at Southwest. Eighth-grade social studies teachers Connie Weymeyer and Mary Adamle led students through an election simulation in which eighth-graders took on the various roles of election officials and exit poll interviewers. Transforming the eighth-grade commons area into a polling site, the students held an all-school election for the president of the United States.

  • Students learning about the stock market with teachers Paul Bloom and Tanya Mayer heard presentations from Lawrence-area stockbrokers Mark Hirschey and Wayne Whitney. The students keep up with daily trends in the market and make stock transactions in a competitive simulation sponsored by Kansas State University.

  • The following students have been selected for the Southwest Honors Ensemble:

Sopranos: Tiana Abrams, Emily Chaney, Katie Mika, Janet Stephans, Aubrey Vaughn and Lauren Barbe.

Altos: Andi Cook, Karen Ebmeier, Sommer Heiserman, Jo Kim and Beth Woodbridge.

Tenors: Shaun Davis, James Fletcher, Josh Goeke, Ryan Morgan, Matt Seipel, Brandon Stoker and Eric Dobbins.

Bass: Cassidy Auchard, Eric Goering, Evan Grosshans and Gabe Lewis-O'Connor.

Janeal Krehbiel is the choral director.

Justin Wood's biology class has been studying population biology. As a culminating event, students collected obituary data from the Lawrence Journal-World for use in a lab called "The Ghosts of Populations Past."

This lab looks at population age structure in the Lawrence area in the 1990s, 1940s and 1890s. Students examined the impact of medicine and technology on the Lawrence population during the past 100 years and have noted some interesting trends.

  • Ninth-grade social studies and English classes are beginning work on a research paper based on an American president. Students will write a brief biography of their president, but the main focus of the paper will be on his administration. Research will take place during social studies classes; the writing of the paper will be done in English classes.

  • Southwest student council members are working with first-graders at Sunflower School. Twice a week for about 25 minutes, students from Southwest go to Mary Nell Gleason's first-grade class and listen to her students read. Mrs. Gleason worked with the student council on how best to help her students and techniques they could use to encourage these young readers.

The Southwest readers are: Jessi Corkill, Alyssa Hill, Eli Allen, Meghan Rahmeier, Scott Johnson, Lesley Johnson, Clint Morgan, Alyssa Johnson, Sarah Graves, Fallon Farokhi, Wayne Cobb, Laura Wolfe, Jessica Hunt, Tom Murray, Andi Cook, Natalie Kolatch, Karen Ebmeier, Haley Hickerson, Laura Panella and Stephanie Trepinski.

  • Student Council sponsored the second annual Benefit Volleyball Night on Nov. 4. The event raised more than $500 for Crime Stoppers of Lawrence and Douglas County.

  • Students selected as "students of the month" for October are Katie Bushouse, Leslie Short, Katherine Carttar, Ryan Safarik, TiCondra Glover and Gabe Lewis-O'Conner.

  • The Young Women's Forum, which meets at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, is a new program at Southwest initiated by gifted education consultant Tanya Mayer. The forum features women in leadership roles in our community who share their philosophies, experiences and advice with students.

Former teacher Roma Earles spoke recently on "making a difference," and KU professor Nona Tollefson is scheduled to address "accomplishments and choices" later this month. Ninth-grader Karen Ebmier is the administrative assistant for the series.

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