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November 12, 1996


Lawrence High's football coaching staff will undergo a major face-lift next season.

The addition next fall of Free State, the city's second high school, will deplete the Lions' coaching staff.

"We know our staff will split up," LHS head coach Dick Purdy said. "Nobody knows who will stay or leave. We've got a good staff. Everybody hates to split up."

Purdy should know by the end of this month the status of his assistants. Within two weeks, most of the LHS teachers will be notified whether or not they'll stay at LHS or be assigned to Free State.

Currently, Purdy has four varsity assistants -- Dirk Wedd, Chuck Holley, Jerry Skakal and Scott Stidham. Three sophomore coaches -- David Petry, Don Durkin and Greg Farley -- complete Purdy's staff.

"We're confident we'll retain eight coaches, since that's what everybody else in the Sunflower League has," Purdy said. "Technique becomes paramount in practice. The only way we coach technique is with repetition and individual attention."

Purdy said he will definitely remain at LHS.

"I've gotten old, so I'll just mature with LHS," said the 62-year-old Purdy, who has a 75-7 record and five state championships in seven seasons.

Wedd has been on Purdy's staff since Purdy became the Lions' head coach in 1990. Wedd is a candidate for the Free State head football coaching job.

Purdy expects this year's juniors will stay at LHS. The seniors-to-be can attend LHS even if they live within Free State's boundaries. The sophomores have no choice.

"The seniors probably would like to stick together," Purdy said. "They've been here two years, but a lot of times someone might want something new."

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