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November 9, 1996


It happened at Boston College. It could happen here.

"Probably the two things I worry most about are gambling and an accident when our teams are traveling," Kansas athletic director Bob Frederick said Friday.

Gambling by student-athletes is against NCAA rules and Kansas coaches continually emphasize that fact.

"We meet with each team at the beginning of the season and go over the rule," Frederick said following a regularly scheduled meeting of the KU Athletic Corp. board. "On a sport-by-sport basis we expect our coaches to talk about it regularly."

Those 13 Boston College football players who were suspended this week following a gambling investigation reinforced the need for vigilance.

"There's probably been a flurry of activity on every campus in the country," Frederick said.

During the 10 years he has been KU's athletic director, Frederick says that to his knowledge there has never been a hint of a student-athlete violating NCAA rules by gambling on sports events.

"But I'm certainly aware of other students on campus gambling," he said. "I remember hearing several years ago about a fraternity sending one of its members to Las Vegas with pooled money to bet on the point spread of, I think, the Kansas-Nebraska game. And I've heard of fraternities that run their own book."

During his stint on the NCAA Div. I Men's Basketball Committee, Frederick was in the forefront of an abortive attempt to deny Final Four credentials to newspapers that carried betting lines.

"Some media thought I was way off base on that issue. They said real gamblers never use them," Frederick noted. "but college students will use them. They're going to look in the paper for them."

Frederick, whose term on that NCAA committee ended two months ago, hasn't abandoned his anti-gambling sentiment.

"I don't believe point spreads are just a source of information for very good fans. I really feel strongly about that," he said.

During the KUAC board meeting:

  • Susan Wachter, associate athletic director for business, reported that football receipts are up approximately $200,000 over revenue estimates.
  • Williams Fund contributions are also up. Last year through September, donors had given $698,406 to the athletic department. Through September of this year, that total is $861,170.
  • Faculty representative Don Green reported that the Big 12 Conference "still has some uneasiness" about denying scholarships to high school seniors who fail to meet eligibility requirements by Aug. 1 of the year they graduate. Green said the subject was on the agenda for the next conference meeting.
  • Paul Buskirk, associate AD for student support services, reported that Kansas and Kansas State student-athletes have teamed to sell "The Ultimate Showdown" buttons at Saturday's football game with the profits earmarked for the American Cancer Society.

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