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May 2, 1996


Assistant City Manager Rod Bremby had something in common with those he mingled with at a fair and rally Saturday afternoon at a North Lawrence church.

He, too, was a crime victim.

On Friday night, someone stole Bremby's wallet.

Bremby said Wednesday that the night before the crime victims rally, he rushed into his house in the 1000 block of Ohio and forgot to lock the door of his Honda Accord. He also left his wallet in the car.

The next morning, the wallet, described on a police report as a $120 eelskin wallet, was gone, and with it $70 in cash.

"I did two things I never do," Bremby said. "One is to leave the door unlocked, and another is to leave my wallet in the car. I spent all Saturday morning canceling all my credit cards."

Like many crime victims, Bremby partly blamed himself.

"Unfortunately in this instance, I contributed to my own victimization," he said. "In most instances, crime victims don't place themselves at risk. They're just unfortunate. It just reinforces the fact that you should lock you car doors at night and you shouldn't leave your wallet around."

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